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Just wake up, that’s all you need to do.



Every creature on this planet is the product of trillions of chances that didn’t work out. The odds of becoming a human being are 400 trillion to one. You are more likely to win the lottery nine times than you are actually to exist. The chance that you happened to be is absurdly more than the enormous amount of debt the United States is in. Human life, all life, is magical, full of novelty and wonder.

With that being said, there is death. Torture. Rape. Bullying. Pain and suffering. Trillions of creatures, possibly more, have lost their lives. This may be due to natural causes, or to cruelties and destruction. The weird thing about all of this is that sadness and pain are just as much a part of creation as is happiness and joy. Whatever god or the universe is, everything that exists is from the creator. It all matters.

Is it too high a hope to wish all suffering to be gone? I would say not, as striving for greatness is what we are wired to do. Shying away from responsibility is also what we are wired to do. The compelling part of existence (at least for humans) is that we have a choice, moment to moment. But, even the ability to choose is something that we did not have a choice over when we came into existence. Our life is a mystery, and the more we explore, the less we know.

Life is short, make the most of every moment.Light-shining-through-the-sky

We only seem to develop a sense of urgency once something traumatic and tragic happens. This appears to be unfortunate, and yet it has happened for thousands of years. A major flood recently came through my swamp of a town, putting five feet of water in our basement, ruining our furnace, water heater, and fuse box. (We carted our washer and dryer out to the somewhat dry garage.) We had to canoe across our yard, and evacuate our home for several days. This doesn’t even compare to those who had water in their homes.

In the midst of all this, I was put into a trance of love. Think back to a time when something seemingly awful happened to you or around you. It could be a car accident; it could be the death of a loved one, it could be a natural disaster. It could even be something mild or happy, like a family gathering. Whatever it is, people who aren’t entirely connected to one another come together in times of need. That coming together makes me ecstatic. I love my home, my books, my things. But I love my family more, and at the end of the day, it’s all just stuff.

Our lives are indescribably short. Our time alive compared to eternity is barely the size of a hair. We are so microscopic compared to the size of our town or city, let alone our country, planet, and the space our little blue and green dot occupies. This is not to discredit our feelings and problems but to put into perspective that what we do with our time is entirely up to us. Why waste a moment of it being angry or upset at someone else?

The waves are even when you deal with feelings as they come.

When we emotionally deal with circumstances as they happen, the more comfortable, the harder ones become. Do not confuse this with problems getting easier. Life gets more challenging, it is significantly more difficult the older we get, and it should be. The challenges get longer; the stakes get higher, the obstacles get bigger. If we are smart, we deal with problems while they are small. We challenge ourselves when things are easy so that when it gets hard, we are ready.

We cannot efficiently handle problems now if we have not fully resolved emotional turmoil from our past. Whether it be a conflict with a parent, beating yourself up too much, having a big ego, or getting your heart broken, we all have baggage. I highly, strongly suggest that you deal with all of your issues now. We have a lot of catching up to do. It doesn’t happen overnight, but these issues resolve much quicker when you consciously decide to deal with them. You are not alone, help is always around you, within you.

The saying “misery loves company” is reasonably accurate. Instead of leaving these sad people out to dry, teach them how to help themselves. If you are reaching a roadblock with them, it means you have not sufficiently enabled yourself yet. You must put the oxygen on yourself before you help the child next to you. Lead by example. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

There are several more practical articles on my blog on how to deal with emotions, and how to work with yourself. I will link them here and here.


Just by waking up, you have already won the day. You are so lucky to be alive. You have food; you have water, shelter, and warmth. Everything else is just a luxury. Go out and be the reason someone smiles today. The ripple you create by helping just one person changes the whole world. Being positive shows, and radiates out into the entire planet. One by one, we make our little blue and green dot a better a place to live.


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