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Our Attitude is gauged by the state of all of our body functions.

Your posture, next to breathing, is one of the most important aspects in our journey through the universe. Having a healthy posture, sitting, standing, and laying straight creates the baseline for the rest of our bodies capabilities. Not only does posture affect how well systems and organs in our body function, but also the quality of our mental state. Our posture is a part of the first impression, and what we are projecting out to the world about our attitude. How we present ourselves to others determines how others treat us, and thus determines how the changes.

As a child, I slouched a lot. Mild scoliosis and a crooked hip played a part, but really it came down to my poor outlook on life. Years later, sitting up straight has helped create a positive attitude and has completely changed how I view life. Although people always said “stand up straight”, It never really clicked that I needed to always be aware of this until I realized it myself. We can be given good advice all day, but it will not be useful until it is believed internally.

How we perceive the universe creates our mood, and thus shapes our posture.

Keeping the spine straight allows our muscles and nerves to work at full capacity, by being given plenty of space to function. When we sit up straight, we give our diaphragm, lungs, and chest cavity more room to work and function properly. The nerve bundles around our throat, heart, and stomach all which correlate to the respective chakras, are not inhibited or hindered. When we are hunched over, these nerves and muscles are bunched up, working slower, and with delayed responses. This can throw your whole body off balance, meaning that your mind suffers.

The smallest change in our stance, in our environment, immediately changes our neurochemistry. We have numerous neurotransmitters, and while we do know their functions, and that they fluctuate, we do not have an accurate way to measure them. Every single sensory stimuli, every thought and feeling, everything you perceive interacts with the neurochemistry in your body. So when we do not have good posture, not only are we telling our body that the extra work isn’t worth it, we are also letting everyone else around us know our outlook for the day.

How we are at any given moment is being observed by others, if not ourselves.

Our mood, posture, and attitude is a direct representation of how we are feeling. When we are slouching, shoulders forward and head down, we are presenting to the rest of the world and thus ourselves that our outlook is negative. It is perceived as apathetic, self-doubting, uninterested, and unconfident. When we stand up straight, keep our heads up and look a few feet in front of us instead of our feet, we give off a positive persona. Confidence, purpose, goal attainment and ambition are all first thoughts when people see you having good posture.  The energy you give off when having good posture is much more powerful than when you are hunched over.

Having good posture not only attracts other positive people, but also puts you in a more credible position to help others realize the confidence they have in themselves. When others see the confidence in your walk, they feed off of it. The ones who are ready to change themselves will be inspired by your exuberance, and will soon follow. Those who are still in the phase of stubbornness, will continue to sit in their pity party, and there is not much we can do other than to smile and wish them well. The universe is working through all of us, and each negative aspect is just as important and valid as the positive.

 Not only is our attitude projected on to others, but we are also deciding how our own day will go.

When we are hunched over, we are telling ourselves that holding the top of our body upright is too much work. We become discouraged with ourselves, develop a nonchalant attitude, and further our slouching. This actually makes our body work harder, and therefore more tired. If your muscles strain from standing up straight, it means you do not do it enough. While the ability to sit up straight may vary from person to person, what matters most is that you are comfortable.

There are many different views on posture when it comes to meditation or yoga, and some say that you cannot meditate if your posture is not straight. This is not always true. Your meditation practice is yours, and some positions such as Zen or lotus may have your back leaning slightly forward. The same goes for sitting at your desk; you more than likely will want to be leaning slightly forward. Listen to your body, be patient with yourself, and find out what works best for you.

Any form of exercise will teach that having good posture is key to doing the exercise right, and having bad posture can actually cause injury. There is no good reason or excuse to have bad posture, unless of course a debilitating disease or ailment makes good posture impossible. We only get one spine, and when we are young we tend to take the vitality of our body for granted. Posture is a key element in a having a fulfilled life, and one of the very first steps in becoming attuned to our soul along with breathing.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to share your own experiences with what was talked about, feel free to start a discussion down below! I am always eager to learn about new perspectives and ideas!


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