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What is your biggest aspiration?end-of-the-road

Really, how big is it? You’re probably thinking of quite a few things, and more than likely, you’ve found yourself disregarding the biggest aspiration. Maybe you want to end world hunger. Maybe you want to change consciousness so we can end war. Maybe you want to save a whole endangered species. Whatever that big one is that’s deep down inside you, that is the one we are pulling out today. Period.

Why sell yourself short? Why do you believe you exist? If you think that life is meaningless, and we serve no purpose other than to survive and consume, what brought you to this article? There hasn’t been an unkind word about my writing in the year+ that it has been available on the internet, so I imagine and assume that those who read this are here to learn, grow, and share a perspective. That being said, let’s get started.

Our full potential exists, but we have to do the work to make it happen. There are only a few simple steps to living the best life you possibly can, one with no regrets.
1) Make yourself aware of your reasons for not reaching your potential-Fear, time, money (excuses).
2)Get around people who have the spiritual, emotional, financial, physical results you desire.
3)Create a plan, roadmap that you can see. Paper, whiteboard, and be able to verbalize it to others.
4)Follow your plan, and act every single day in a way that brings you closer to your goals.

Do these simple tasks consistently, and the life you want will get closer and closer every day. Start small, so that you will not feel discouraged. Maybe you want to get in better shape. Start with a short walk around the block, 5-10 pushups, going to the gym for a half hour. Small consistent habits are much better at building toward your goal, rather than trying to work out 4 hours a day when you started with no exercise. Start small, you will grow over time.

Your success correlates to how many you serve and how well you serve them.Mountain-ranges

How you treat others is a representation of how you treat yourself. How well you treat yourself determines how you treat others. This may sound confusing, but we become conscious of our own consciousness before we become conscious of others’ consciousnesses. Check out this thread for more thoughts on this idea. Being aware of how you learn is very important, and while figuring that out is an enormous topic for another day, just start by paying attention to your own thoughts.

The quality of your thoughts determines the ability and potential you have to help others. If your daily thoughts are negative, doubtful, and “realistic”  as many often say, then that is how your life will be. I have had many adults that I respect and admire tell me that “Well this is just the way it is.” Yes, some events are a part of nature. Others can be changed.

This is not to say that everything needs to be fixed. This means that there are parts of life that are constantly improving, and constantly standing still. Some aspects are able to be changed, and others aren’t. We have to eat, sleep, breathe, and mate. We don’t have to change our thoughts.Therefore, we can change how we see each other, and thus change “The way things are” to the way things could be.

How awesome do you want your life to be?

What is the worst that can possibly happen to you? I’ve heard several great speakers say that “The greatest risk you will ever take is not taking one at all.” If you are able to think of the most horrible and retched experiences happening, how do you think they come about? It starts with being idle, indecisive, and bored, as so many now call it. Dream big. Make a decision, realize you’re going to fuck up a lot. That’s the only way to succeed. (This is just the way things are. 🙂

That said, do it anyway. Do what makes you uncomfortable now, and when life throws hurdles at you, you are prepared. I have spent at least 17 years playing defense, reacting out of fear of what life was presenting to me. Get on offense. Get ahead, don’t just get by. Make other’s lives better, so people begin to fight for your time. Be the reason for your own success and happiness.

What is stopping you? Stop waiting for the perfect circumstances. Stop waiting for someone to come along and take you there. Be someone people want to be around. Stop giving your time away to consuming shit that doesn’t get you where you wish to be. You have skills talents and abilities that bring uniqueness to the world and joy to others lives. Find it, get around others who think the same way, and learn from them. Make your life yours, make your life exactly what you want it to be.North-Carolina-sunset




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