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Are our thoughts inside of our body? Our organism carries out functions every day that we are never aware of.Illinois-sunset

But how then do these things happen, if we are not thinking about them? Breathing, blinking, moving, and many other bodily processes are both voluntary and involuntary. We often forget how marvelous that is. We are able to control everything going on inside of us, and at the same time, focus on something completely external, everything inside being put on autopilot. Every single second, there are on average 7 billion billion billion atoms moving throughout our body. That is an unimaginable number, and yet extremely realistic as it is who we are. Parts all over our bodies are in constant motion, even when we sleep.

Currently, we are not able to monitor all of our bodily processes via technology. There are thousands of instruments that detect and record body functions, from something as simple as the stethoscope which allows someone to determine another’s heart rate, to an MRI,  which scans does everything from neuroimaging of the brain to scanning all of our muscles and vital organs. Human beings have made marvelous advancements in the creation of devices in which we can be aware of our what is happening inside of us. But do these mechanisms aid or hinder in our ability to be more self-aware?

With all of these devices that help us track and monitor ourselves, we have become reliant and dependent, thus becoming less and less aware of ourselves. We expect information to be given to us immediately, without understanding how these instruments work, let alone our own bodies. The more we listen to these machines without first being in tune with ourselves, the more dissonance there is between mind and body.

There are many variables that decide how well we perform, the first and foremost being our consumption habits.

What we spend our time doing is a direct reflection of how our body functions, what our quality of life is. The foods we eat, the things we watch, who and what we listen to, the air we breathe, even what we come in contact with, all develop our personalities, our physical bodies, and partially determines how well the two coexist. When we have habits that go against the alignment of body and mind, we create the ailments of “too little” or “too much”.  “I sweat too much.”, “My penis is too small.”, “I eat way too much.”, “Hair shouldn’t be there.” are all examples of illusions that we tell ourselves.

double-rainbowOur bodies are working to the best of their abilities at all times. It is up to us, our minds, (which we have separated from our body by fighting ourselves) to decide how much our best really is. When we consume excessive amounts of sugar, processed foods, caffeine, television, alcohol, and nicotine, we make our bodies work harder than necessary, and start a chain of very negative consequences that we may not be aware of until years later. Although we all must live our lives in our own ways, there are certain things that degrade us regardless of who we are. What we do not realize, is that we are what we eat.  This means that what we put into our bodies through all of our senses affect and determine who we are.

If we took the time to listen to our bodies, we would know what is good and bad for us. This takes the simple asking of a question, and trust that what comes to mind is the right choice. We can be so mistrusting of ourselves, that we say we have too little or too much of everything. When we assume that what our body is doing is wrong, and it needs to be corrected. When we practice being patient, listen to what our body is telling us, we will realize that everything we need to know about taking care of ourselves is already built into us.  Avoiding negative consumption habits and working towards eating healthier, practicing meditation, ketosis, along with spending our time in positive situations, will ensure a sound mind and body.

The argument for why we exist can go on forever. All we know for sure is that we do.

So why fight it? Why do many of us seem to always resist every single thing that is happening? For most of my life, I was a very hesitant, easy to say no person. In some ways, I still am. But I realize that the more I allow what is happening to happen without judgement or resentment, the better I feel. There are many parts of life that we cannot control, and when we try to fight it, they only will get worse. If we trust that what is happening is exactly what we need to take the next step, we are already moving forward, despite difficulties.

In my opinion, we judge ourselves too much. Way too much. We constantly ask ourselves if we made the right decision, if we left out any variables. While it is always a good idea to reflect on past choices in order to make better ones now, it only causes trouble when we allow our past choices to worry us. The universe sees no notion of good or bad, right or wrong, left or right. These are all human concepts. The universe only sees events, actions, happenings. We have the choice to do whatever we please. With this in mind, it is pretty easy to see that making positive choices are a lot more fruitful and rewarding than that of the negative.

The more desires we have, the more obstacles are put in our way to acquire said things. Also, the more options we are given, thus making us think more about our choices. For those who can live simply and be content with what they have, life becomes very easy. For those who are never satisfied, always chasing more, never having enough,  life presents you with many hurdles and challenges. There is though, a healthy balance of both. Being content and gratuitous with what you have, and always striving to enjoy life more than the previous day, is a possible perspective. What matters most, is that you listen to yourself, and do what works best for you.


A recommended book for further understanding of synchronicity.

Try not to be too hard on yourself, and others for that matter. You are doing better than you think. Always.

There is an unseen force woven through every aspect of matter, which connects us all. Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a word that was created by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. It means that two or more random events are “meaningful coincidences”, which are connected in meaning, not cause. Every interaction we have with our environment, others, even ourselves, shows synchronicity. What it means is up to you. These events can be very subtle or right in front of our face, but they are always there. It would be a headache to try and connect every little detail of life by meaning, at least for one person. And yet, everything is connected through the act of existence.

An example of synchronicity could be someone you vaguely know that you saw in a dream. Later that day, you happen to see them. Running into that person chances an old memory, which brings up the design on your favorite T-shirt you had years ago. Later that night during a movie, you see someone with that logo. This scenario could have never happened, and yet it could also be happening every day to some degree. The human experience is uniquely different for every single one of us. There will be some who understand this completely, in their own subjective way, and others who call these things pure coincidence. Either way, follow what you believe in, regardless of what others say.

Synchronicity helps remind us that we are going in the right direction.A portion of my meditation sessions include asking myself questions about choices made that day. If I feel a twitch or muscle movement on one side of my body, I will deem it yes. If the other, no. Depending on what I am asking determines what side of the body, and what part of the body means what to me. Feet signify stepping in a certain direction, or taking the next step. Leg movements determine the foundation I have in my choices. Stomach movements are determining whether or not I am making a choice for myself or someone else. I listen to the thoughts that accompany these movements, and trust every step of the way.

Holding still, letting yourself take a pause to soak life in vital to our quality of life.

When we give our intuitions room to work, the time and patience to listen to them, life begins to run smoother. I am a firm believer in listening to my body before I make a choice, so I can do what works best for me. This way, I can be the best person for myself, and in turn, others.

If you enjoyed this article, or have any questions or stories you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment! I am always looking to make new friends, hear perspectives, and swap advice on anything. Be sure to be patient with yourself and others, and have a wonderful day!











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  1. These are all of things to take in.
    You are right when you say we have to listen to our bodies. Sometimes it is obvious for example that we need sleep or rest but we keep pushing on because there are soo many things “that have to be done NOW”. So we need to listen to our bodies as well as our minds. I do believe that we humans really are simple creatures but we live in (which we have created) complicated world which we sometimes have difficulties to handle. So sometimes it is time to step back, listen and feel then recover to be able to continue or to take good decision.
    Thankyou for bringing this up.

    1. Thank you for commenting,  I appreciate your kind words. You are correct, our bodies tell us often that we need rest when we just keep going, getting things done just to say that they are done. It is a healthy balance of listening to body and mind, as well as acting out positive thoughts and feelings, and disregarding the negative ones. Our world has become very complicated because we have lost sight of what is important. We spend more time worrying and trying to get money than we do with the people that matter most to us. We always need to take a step back, and realize what really matters. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hey,
    Very interesting concept. I believe that our bodies are talking to us everyday through physiological and psychological and even pathological processes.
    Whenever you are hungry your body sends out hunger signals and tell you to eat (physiological), whenever you lack certain nutrients you crave certain unhealthy food (pathological), whenever you are in love you do stupid things (psychological). They are all intertwined to produce a master effect though.

    I would like to try your meditation but what I would like to know is if you chose the area of your body to represent each type of decision or if this is a meditation strategy that works for a lot of people so you have adapted it. Can I choose anywhere on my body to represent any type of answer to a contemplation?


    1. I agree, and the ways you described our body talking through different processes is a very easy way of understanding it. When we can connect all if them so that they work together, life is complete.

      I have both chosen each area of my body to represent a type of decision, and it is also random along with my thoughts. I try not to control it, only listen, so that I am not always telling myself what to do, but more asking my deeper self, or what I like to call the universal consciousness, for advice. But I have adopted meditation methods from different Eastern as well as Native American philosophies and perspectives, as well as various speakers, writers, and other influential and spiritual people. 

      If you would like an actual list, or a deeper description, I would be happy to talk more. I am curious, do you practice any type of meditation?


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