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The human body is a marvelous machine, sending and receiving trillions of messages every second to itself and the rest of the world.Descartes-3rd-Eye-Diagram

Have you ever thought about why we have foreheads? Why there is a space between our eyebrows and hairline? Sure, it would look weird and unusual if someone had hair from the eyebrows up, but if we all looked like that, it would be weird to have a bare forehead. What is the pineal gland responsible for? What is this blank space between our hairline and eyebrows for? What do you do with blank walls, boards or papers? In the simplest of words, we project ideas onto them. This is precisely why our foreheads are the way they are.

We like to say that our mind, our “aliveness” is located in our heads, and our memories, thoughts and feelings are all from our brain. We have done a spectacular job at matching up areas of our brain with the deepest recesses of our minds. We are creatures analyzing, describing and understanding ourselves, and while we are the only creature that does this to the extent that we do, we may be the only creature that needs to. Our minds are the most important tool we will ever use, as it affects how our entire lives will turn out. We are at times the most intelligent creatures, and at others, the most ignorant and unaware. We do not always realize how our actions ripple from us and affect everything we interact with.

Constant action is a must for a happy life, as apathy and detachment are present when we become idle.

At the very center of our brains, being roughly the size of a grain of rice and shaped like a pine cone, is our pineal gland. Sitting deep in the brain where the two hemispheres meet, the pineal gland resides in the epithalamus.  This tiny endocrine gland is in control of your entire body, your entire life. It is what dictates your circadian rhythm, or your internal body clock. Two main chemicals are concentrated here, those being serotonin and melatonin, the latter being synthesized from the former. Serotonin and melatonin regulate our moods, perspectives, and decision making. Melatonin is the chemical that makes us sleepy, and as darkness covers your part of the world each night, melatonin is produced and follows suit. Our foreheads are refractors, absorbing light and darkness, for our pineal gland to secrete hormones accordingly. Therefore, when anything impedes this photon absorption, whether it be due to artificial light/not enough sun, calcification, or a cyst/tumor, life becomes extremely imbalanced.Pineal_Gland_and_Pituitary_Body

Every single living organism, plant and animal, are connected by the spirit of life. From a physical standpoint, this spirit is a neurotransmitter, dimethyltryptamine. 5-hydroxytryptamine is the chemical name for serotonin, and N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine is melatonin.  Dimethytryptamine, or DMT is secreted in very minute doses every single day by every living organism. It is nick-named the “spirit molecule“, as it has been found to be released in high amounts upon birth, death, near death experiences, and dreams. For every neurotransmitter produced, there is an enzyme to keep the quantity of that transmitter at an equilibrium. For this group of neurotransmitters, the enzyme is monoamine oxidase. So why do these pulses of energy going on inside the tiniest organ of our body matter?

The souls of each creature on the planet are connected, all by the notion that we are alive. Life is synchronized perfectly on all planes, moving fluidly with itself.

All plants grow from tiny seeds, all creatures from tiny eggs. Everything large started out small. That goes for our bodies, our memories, our feelings, our actions, and our stories. When we are born, we are pure wonderment and curiosity, and as we age, we become more familiar with our surroundings and the fluidity of life. It is axiomatic that as we grow, our bodies produce less DMT. It is true that as we age, we produce less melatonin, and our bodies deteriorate if not cared for properly.

All throughout history, this gland has been idolized and shown with great significance. Rene Descartes called it the “seat of the soul“. The Egyptian God Horus has an eye seen on the back of a dollar bill. The Catholic pope carries a staff with a pine cone on top. The statue of the Pinecone is located in the center of the Vatican Square.Cortile_della_Pigna_pine_cone_3 The Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl is portrayed in a statue in the shape of the pineal gland, and has a necklace of pine cones around his throat. Hindu culture shows a bindi or dot on the center of the forehead, also known as the 3rd eye, or the brow chakra. These are just a few examples where the pineal gland has been shown as an object of great significance.

So fluoride seems to be everywhere, in almost everything. Our entire lives start with this tiny little organ, and we are being drugged without our consent.

As we age, the pineal gland calcifies, or gains a coating on it, inhibiting its function. Melatonin production decreases, and the sleep cycle becomes imbalanced, thus making it harder to sleep. The biggest contributor to this calcification is fluoride. Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the aluminum, fertilizer, nuclear waste, and also the the military’s saran nerve gas. The biggest source of fluoride is fluoridated water, which is present in almost 70% of America’s water supply. This includes many products that are made with water, such sodas, juices, toothpastes, corn and soy products sprayed with fluoride pesticides such as cryolite and sulfuryl fluoride. Fluoride is also the main ingredient in just about every single medication. For a full list of products that contain fluoridated water, or carcinogens and “submissive” chemicals, click here.

If our pineal glands are inhibited, so are our dreams and ambitions.

The more our pineal gland is calcified, the the less serotonin and melatonin are produced. Not enough to kill us, but over time cause a myriad of health issues and concerns. Unlike the rest of the brain, the pineal gland is not separated from the rest of the body by the blood-brain barrier. This means that the pineal gland receives generous amounts of blood flow, which is sent out to the body with serotonin and melatonin. Eye-of-Horus-Pineal-Gland

Of course, fluoride and other harmful chemicals can mostly be avoided by eating more organically grown or processed foods, drinking distilled or filtered water, and exercising. Detoxifying our pineal glands is as crucial as preventing further poisoning, and this can be done through the intake of iodine, boron, raw apple cider vinegar, vitamins K1/K2, tamarid, to name a few. For a full list, click here. Exercising 30 minutes a day can also raise your serotonin production levels, and contribute to a happier mood, mind and soul.

Our lives depend on the smallest of details, and every decision we make has enormous consequences. Every single second, our internal body clocks are dictated by how our chemical levels are balanced. Melatonin is the best antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic, among contributing other amazing health benefits. Without the proper levels of melatonin, due to an impaired pineal gland, we are signing up for all sorts of trouble. Our mind, attitude and perspective is a direct result of how we care for our pineal gland, our circadian rhythm, and ultimately, ourselves. Barun_Valley_-_Nghe








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  1. Really awesome post Christopher, read every word without skipping although some of the chemical names could not be pronounced by someone was ignorant as I haha. Seriously though, I bookmarked this post and I am definitely reading more into this because I would love nothing more than to detoxify my body and restore myself as much as possible.

    1. Awesome, I’m glad you liked it! thank you! yeah some of them are pretty hard to pronounce, i think the key is understanding what they are used for and their function. Glad to hear that you want to detoxify yourself, it really is a mood and life changer!

      Best of luck to you!

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