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Your focus point towards where you are growing.


Success is a big word. People take it very seriously, and almost always indicate that it is based on how much external we have.We correlate it to how many things we own or how many 0’s in our bank account. More often than not, we compare ourselves to others if we do not have what we have. People with a lower income look at the wealthy and define themselves as unsuccessful because they have fewer dollars. Some wealthy people look at those who are broke and define themselves unsuccessful because they live fast and are unhappy.

But maybe, just maybe, you’re not focusing on what you don’t have. Perhaps you used to and then decided that those thoughts weren’t doing anything for you. Maybe this perspective shift happened overnight, or it took five years of trial and error. If it happened “all of a sudden,” it most likely was being shifted deep down in your subconscious, a serious of millions of mini-events that all add up to a significant change in your mindset.

Whatever the case may be, what you pay attention to are the seeds you sow. As long as we are alive, we are continually planting new seeds, and at the same time harvesting seeds that we planted previously. This could be 15 minutes ago, or 15 years ago, depending on what it is, and how you’re looking at it. For a macro example:

  • When I was 16 I thought freedom meant driving around on my own after practice or on weekends.
  • At 21, I now see freedom as not just traveling around the world at leisure, but having the time and money to do so.

A smaller example would be a moment to moment thought process:

  • Focusing on what my response should be based on what I hear now indicates how well I am listening.
  • Focusing on what others are saying based on how they are saying it indicates how present I am in the conversation.

The difference between the two is subtle but makes an enormous shift.The key components in analyzing this and thus changing the way you view the world is 1) deciding for yourself, and 2) realizing that this model is very flexible. One thought you have before breakfast, specifically, as you’re brushing your teeth, could affect something you do at 3 pm. It also could affect you 17 years from now. This matrix is extremely complex and versatile and constantly changes daily.

Your actions are a reflection of what you believe in.Bridge-of-love

So now that we’ve crossed the bridge of how decision making works in a nutshell (a very, very small nutshell), let’s talk about how what you’re currently doing shows you who you truly are. How do you know who you truly are? How do I know that you do or don’t know who you truly are? Even considering to ask yourself this means you’ve opened up the door of defining your own reality. In the next section, I’ll discuss creating your own reality from what you have defined.

What do you spend your 24 hours doing? I’ve talked a lot about time in the past, and it still remains important. Most of us have our time blocked out for us in hour increments, based on our job, our education, and our sleep schedule. Sleep is very important because you have to recharge and rest from all of the energy you spent today. With that being said, you still get to go out and create your life 2/3 of every day. Life is a blessing.

So what action are you taking today? Do you spend your free time lounging around, or are you always working on growth? Work does not have to mean difficult, and work does not always mean strenuous. Working on yourself can mean having an enjoyable conversation with someone, taking a warm shower, or reading a book. Working on yourself can mean exercise, eating healthy, and getting to bed early. The main point here is when your mind is focused on everything that you do working towards something, you’re always working, and you’re always growing.

So what you think about your actions determines what you believe in. Your thoughts are more often than not focused on what you are doing at the moment, and if they aren’t and your mind is scattered, what you are focused on is still growing, but it may not be valuable right away. This is okay, just realize that if you want to harvest the results of your actions right away, be sure that you are thinking about as well as doing things that will bring results right away. The process is simple, and handling your anxiety is easier than you think.

The ability to choose your perspective is the most powerful tool you have access to.Oak-Hill-Cemetary

Any anxiety you have is either a positive stressor helping you grow, or it means that your mind is disorganized. The first one is most likely minor and easily handled. You probably don’t consider this anxiety. On the other hand,  disorganization is a huge reason to be stressed out. Many of us don’t block out our own time, we allow our externals (job, etc.) to decide a majority of our time, and thus spend the few hours of our free time twiddling our thumbs on Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix, or any other not so productive places.

The greatest part of life is our ability to choose how we look at things. This is a huge component in navigating reality, for if we have defined what the world is (if you haven’t, you are most likely allowing others to define what the world is) then you can start to create your life into something you want it to be. Effectively managing your time is crucial to deciding what your life will be. We can always have fun. There is the choice to step into something enjoyable every day. Or, you can find enjoyment in everything that you’re doing. Subtle difference, massive shift.

Success to you is whatever you define it as. If you see it as a paycheck and a house full of stuff, that is exactly what it will be. If you see it is how many people you have helped today, and how much you have helped them, that is exactly what your life will be. I suggest having the second perspective, as it is a lot more sustainable, a lot more applicable, and a lot less stressful. Your what may be that you smiled, helped carry a large box, helped someone grow their brand, or bought their product. It may simply be listening.

If you can define for yourself why you are doing something, I promise you that the quality your life will increase tenfold. Be the reason someone smiles today, and focus on what you have, instead of what you do not.

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