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Being human is full of surprises. We have explored almost all land, some of the oceans, and almost nothing of our inner experience.Evening-Winter-Sky

Something that I find marvelous about being alive is that there is always more, wherever you go, whatever you do. Although we humans have been around for a short 200,000 years, we have collectively accomplished a lot during that time. We have explored almost every inch of dry land, have traveled both across and deep below thousands of miles of water, and in the past few hundred years, we have connected ourselves to each other from virtually any corner of the globe (corners on a sphere? Yeah, we have language that we can play with too.) through the power of electricity, energy waves, and now the internet.

One pattern that has emerged throughout human history is the contrast between logical decision making and emotionally impulsive actions. Unlike most of our mammal relatives, we can do both. This has been both a blessing and a curse, simply because we have chosen to allow our emotions to control our lives, instead of living out our most ideal preferences. There are some of us who ride this fine line of rational and affection with ease, while others like to pick bits and pieces from both while hiding from certain aspects. Experience plays a big role in this, as well as does a lot of choices.  Recently, I have discovered that like all else in life, our emotions can be measured, as wild and difficult that may seem.

Do you ever wonder about the big questions? How we got here? Why we are what we are? The list goes on and on, but after spending nearly every day with these types of questions never far from my focus, fascinating discoveries have been made. These thoughts and experiences that only come from within have led me to see life at its core. The one thing about this that keeps me curious is that it is open and available to every one of us. There is nothing more or less special about anyone that gives exception to these discoveries. Rather, accessing the core of our beings is a self-selective process, much like everything else. But how might one get there? “Don’t I need to be a Yogi, meditate for years, or be as far away from a dollar bill as possible?” No, it is something that threads through every single person, regardless of location, gender, race, or religion. All it takes is curiosity and acceptance.

Your emotions are the tuning fork of your perception.

When you hear the words “tuning fork” you more than likely think of the length of metal that is forked halfway down. These devices make a sound at a certain pitch when struck on an object. The length, distance between the forks, and the weight/material that the forks are made determine the frequencies of sound you hear. What does this have to do with our emotions and thoughts? Now is where we must use a little bit of “creative logic” to translate the physics of audio to that of our consciousness. After many nights meditating in silent darkness, as well as listening and reading about electromagnetic theories of consciousness, I have realized that everything we think and feel can be scientifically or rationally understood.

The key to doing this can detach from our emotions and look at the events objectively. When we can see reality for what it is, instead of having a jaded perspective due to emotional involvement, we can learn and understand what is happening. The fine line here is not to forget that whatever we are observing is still a part of the whole, and is vitally important in the overall grand scheme of life. Even though emotions sometimes hinder our ability to move forward with learning, lack of emotion can do the same. As stated before, there is a fine line to walk here, and whether we like it or not, we all have to walk it.Abandoned-bridge

Before stepping into some practical steps on how to walk this line effectively, we all must realize (and by realizing, I mean feel all over your body) that none of us can avoid any problems we are having forever. None of us had any choice in existing, where we were born, or who we are born to. We didn’t even have a choice in being a human, or the language(s) that we were taught to use. Whether we live more in the logical and rational domain or more in the emotional, none of us can live our lives fully without confronting our fears, acknowledge all of ourselves, and embrace all of our skills and setbacks. The longer we avoid that which scares us, the harder it becomes to overcome these fears.

What you see is what you get.

One thing I have learned over my time here alive is that life is exactly what you make of it. With our emotions being the tuning fork of our perception, we can change our world simply by changing how we look at it. The phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” rings true wherever you are in life. We each create our realities based on how we look at the life we have been given. How then do we change our perception and thus our life into something that is ideal? Being aware of your physical body, and what you can and cannot control is all we have to do. It is that simple.

I have mentioned this many times in other articles, and that is because it has been proven time and time again all over the world to work. We can control our thoughts both voluntarily and involuntarily, just like breathing. Our feelings are like our heartbeats, meaning they are always there, whether we want them to be or not. We cannot control that they happen, only how our thoughts and actions are shaped because of them. We have so little control over what goes on in life, only having a say in what we do day to day. The key to changing your perception and thus your life? Start with slowing down your body.

The faster you are breathing, the faster all of your body is working. For more info on the physics of how this works in your body, click here. Every sound you listen to, sight you see, food, drink or drug you put into your body, the amount of sleep and exercise you get, and who you surround yourself with (figuratively, what that person’s frequency is) all play into your frequency. Luckily, all of these things are variables. Yes, some people we cannot get rid of, and the more we try to avoid stressful people or situations without putting the issue to rest, the more high-strung we get. However, to move forward, we must be able to let go of that which we cannot control and trust that the circumstances around us are happening to help us grow into the people we need to be.

Every molecule on the planet, in the universe, carries a vibrational frequency. By definition, the stronger the molecular bonds are, the higher vibration (i.e., frequency) that object has. Along with that, the energy of the person(s) who forged said object is also a part of that. This invisible energy field is all around us, moment to moment, and has been since the beginning of time. Only in the past few hundred years, if not shorter, have we gotten away from these ideas?  We all know what is good for our health, it is written in our genetics. We can tell when something is bad for us, such as a food or activity. Unfortunately, we like to hide from our responsibilities and deny ourselves of the truth. Fortunately, this is how we learn and grow.

One last exercise that I have found very helpful in forming a life that I am proud of is openly expressing gratitude and empathy to all around me. When we choose to focus on what we do have instead of what we don’t we creating a frequency of abundance. When we believe and trust that there is always an abundance of whatever we want/need, life begins to go smoothly. There is never a day without a challenge, but patience comes into play here. We have no choice in being human, nor do we have any agreed upon idea of what happens after we die. What we can do is make the most of the time here alive on Earth, by spending time with people who genuinely care about us, who show authentic empathy and interest in what we are doing, thinking and feeling.

Life is short, make the most of your time here by getting in tune with who you are.


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  1. “Your emotions are your tuning fork of your perceptions.” This is so true! Confronting and challenging our fears is necessary to live fully. I try to practice gratitude every day. Making the choice to see the glass half full will give us all the opportunity to live our lives more lovingly and compassionately.

    1. You are right! How might we spread this message with more people? What is it that keeps people from seeing what they are grateful for?

      Thank you for you comment Katherine!

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