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Our true character shows when we have nothing.zen-monk

The attitude we carry around illuminates how we feel about ourselves. How we treat others, is how we treat ourselves. This is no secret, no hidden message. What do you think about but never say? Do these unspoken words lean towards fear of speaking the truth, or holding in negativity? Which is worse to keep inside? Attitude is more than thoughts and feelings, but how you respond to what others say, and the inflection you speak in.

What do you really value in life? If You were placed on a deserted island with 5 people, what characteristic would you give each of them? Respect? Kindness? Leadership? The desire to learn more? How would you build your team, and what values would you leave behind? If we wish to see traits in those we grow with and lead, we must act by example.

What do you want to achieve in life? Are you looking to make a million dollars? Build an animal shelter? Make sure your children never have to pay for college? I have heard many times that those who you lead will do half as well as you do. My mission is to connect the entire planet, all 7+ billion people. Plant trees, clothe, feed, educate everyone. Give the options that those reading this have. I truly hope that hundreds of millions of people have a bigger dream than I do. 

There are many people who are “down on their luck” and remain there for a majority of their lives are drawing their bad luck to them. I have learned firsthand and for many years, that when bad things happen to us, we have subconsciously wished for them. From a meta perspective, this has happened to create an opportunity to grow. Whether we choose to act upon that opportunity is a choice.

Our most valuable asset is our time.

We can never be in debt when it comes to time. We may never be penalized by the clock for how we use time, nor will we be told when our last hour is. Until we die, it is always replenished, and any extra time we get we call tomorrow. Where do you spend your time? In front of a book? The TV? Writing an article? Building your business, studying? Feeding your addictions or pushing yourself to your limits? The choice is yours. Ask yourself constantly if what you are doing is getting you closer or further from your goals.people-at-work

More importantly than what you do with your time, is who you spend it with. We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, and the books we read. What we read and listen to is a network of more people, and the energy someone put into a book, video, or song, is the value that you get out of it. Trap music and fantasy novels will give you the energy that the artist put into it. Dale Carnegie and Rush will give you a different output.

What will you do with your 86,400 seconds today? If you had $86,400 dollars, how would you spend all of it? It is nonrefundable, can’t be saved for later, and starts back at the same amount tomorrow. More importantly, how much is your time worth? If you wish to make 500k a year, your time is worth $250 an hour. That movie that lasted 2 hours? You cost yourself $500 bucks. Maybe you don’t need to make that much. As long as you know how much your time is worth to you, there is no need to fret.

If you need to make changes and want to get ahead, discipline your spending, your entertainment time. Especially if you are young, realize that there will be time to play later. If you do the hard work now to put systems in place to make money, the toys you play with down the road will be much larger. More importantly, the number of people you will help will be even greater.

Who do you pour into?

We each have a finite amount of mental and physical energy each day. As we age, it is said that we lose more energy, and as such the distractions are much shinier the younger we are. As we age, our amazement for the wonders of life somewhat dwindles, if we have allowed ourselves to think as we are taught. Even thinking “outside of the box” is similar to everyone, as we all think only in language and images. These thoughts are where our mental energy is controlled.

Everything we do zaps our energy, and healthy foods, sleeping, exercise, purpose, and good people give us higher quality energy, and more of it. We only have so much willpower, and we cannot go around touching everything we want to change. I believe everyone has dreams bigger than who the are currently, and even the smallest requires the help of others. We can either try to force them to see it our way, or we can be an example of how we want to be treated. The rest up to that which we cannot control.

No matter how sorry we are, how how much someone has accepted and forgiven, the memory lives on. If we wish for others to treat us right, we must first treat them right. What is the last memory you wish to leave with your peers? Your Family? Your Planet? Who will remember you most, and what will they remember you for? Take a minute to think about how many peoples lives you want to improve.

people are our greatest assets, not buildings, vehicles, or objects. The people we raise up, the people who provide us with the comforts we live in, and more importantly, those who can do nothing for us. Those are who we must give to, at least enough for them to realize the door we are opening for them to access their potential. But when are the red flags too many, the chances left too few? When is it time to move on? Knowing when to quit is another conversation for another day. Until then, go with your gut, and let it happen as it will. You’re closer than you think.sunset-on-the-water



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  1. Yes very nice read. It is quite interesting to see how a persons responds when they have nothing. I think that those who feel they may have nothing will tend to respond poorly due to lack that the reality is you always have something. If you are still breathing you have life and that is a gift. It is also true we cannot get time back so we must use it wisely..

    1. It is very interesting indeed! I love that, we have life, and we have everything. Where did you learn to think like that?

      It is people like you and I that are able to help those who have that mindset. 

      Thank you for commenting and taking the time to bring value to the page!

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