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Love losing just like the ones who succeed do.Waterlogged

Every single one of us will lose in life. It is a fact which none of us can avoid. We are always facing an uphill battle in everything that we do. If it isn’t fighting the elements for food and shelter, then it may be a bully at school or a negative coworker. It might be fighting against the negative words of others. Ultimately, any battle we have is an internal struggle, a war we wage with ourselves.

There is no rush in what you are doing; success is a series of baby steps. I have learned from several people over the past few years that appreciation leads to activation. What this means, is that we will not even begin to start taking steps to improve our internal lives, until we are appreciative of what we have, both internally and externally. Life starts to change when we change how we look at our life.

Those who are “successful” in life have achieved the results they have through failing consistently and with grace. Truthfully, the only real failure is when we stop trying, and resign to a life of mediocrity. The significant part about this is that we can never truly lose until we die. We have so much time available at our disposal, and we get to choose how we spend most of it every day. What are you waiting for? Find your thing and fail at it!

Persistent failure in the same direction is littered with many small successes and eventually will lead towards your big victory, delayed gratification.

The greatest enemy of future success is current success.

Success brings many joys, laughs, smiles, tears, and a deeper connection with those around us. But when the excitement wears off, where are we? How do we feel? Are we ready to wake up that Wednesday morning after an inspiring conference later that week? Are you letting the memories of yesterday ruin the excitement of tomorrow? Many of us have a limit of where success will come to an end.

You have it within you every moment to take a step further or stay planted. You have a choice to make yourself uncomfortable, or sit back and relax. As I write this, I fight the urge to slow down and check my phone. Or, I can control where the rest of the night will go, as well as tomorrow, by taking control of myself and pushing onward.Rainy-sunset

Don’t let the victories of today stop you from creating more tomorrow. There is no limit to how much you can win, how long you do it, and what the definition of winning is. The chance that each of us came into existence is 400 trillion to 1. That there is winning, simply by waking up. You woke up this morning, so many people didn’t. Be grateful for that. When every moment alive is a success, progress forward is constant, and every obstacle is overcome. It starts with changing your thoughts.

The larger the obstacle, the greater the win.

How big of a mountain do you want to climb? How big of an influence do you want to have?  Most importantly, at what point do you lose your faith in yourself, in God, in humanity? At some point, many people say the words “It can’t be done.” Whether it be ending war, eliminating cancer, feeding the world, everyone finding their purpose, or traveling outside of our galaxy, people give up. I truly believe that every person has it within them to grow and move forward up through their last moments.

Whatever challenge is brought before you, realize that it can be overcome, or it would not exist. The very fact that we have challenges means there can be an absence of them. How does the absence come about? Overcome, conquer, succeed. What do you dream about? Wiliam Blake once said that “What is now proved was once only imagined.” Every success in history was at first only an obstacle. Before that, it was just an idea, and the events were then created in front of it.

If you want something done, you must either do it yourself, do it with someone you trust, or equip them to do it for you. Failure is only temporary, and the more positive people you surround yourself with, the stronger your attitude will be, the more fortified your beliefs, and the more disciplined your thoughts and actions. Positive change, however, must start with you before you can help others.

Let’s build a better place to live for all of us. Let’s help those less fortunate realize their talents, skills, passions, and abilities, so that we may all work towards the common goal: helping one another. It starts with you. It starts now.Bourbon-Street

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  1. I appreciate your intent to motivate us. However, I that nice intention is not enough for me. I would like to see examples from your own life, where you failed and failed, then through persistence overcame you struggles and won victory. That would motivate me a lot more.

    Even examples of famous people would help me understand the reality of your words. As for learning to love failure, sorry, I just can’t accept that. You would have to prove to me that is a useful practice.

    1. Hey Peter, I appreciate your response. I am happy to share with you times that I have failed. I have another article where I have shared many failures, although It was a while ago, and I am not quite sure which one it is. Regardless, I have made many mistakes, failures, and slip ups, and I am grateful for every one of them. How does seeing other fail motivate you?

      I have tried to befriend hundreds, thousands of people over the course of my life. I have very few currently. I have dated several women over the past few years, and am currently single. I have started several businesses, all the way back since 5th grade, and am only working one of them. I have put up merchandise on this website, and did not make nearly as much as I had planned to. I have set goals for writing, planning, business, relationships, trips, and much more, and I have failed at least a few times in each of those domains. 

      Check out this link

      I hope that helps! Feel free to let me know how your journey goes! I would love to help in whatever way I can!

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