We all have a purpose.

FYI- this is a fairly long post. Scroll down about halfway if you are here for crypto links. Or read on to get a full picture of the mission. I appreciate you visiting and hope to hear from you!

Don’t think for a second that you’re merely here to go to school, get a job, have 2.5 kids and retire, only to be forgotten for the rest of eternity. I recently watched a video by Jason Silva where he described 3 deaths symbolized by Mexico. One is when we realize we are mortal, the second when we actually die.

The third is when the last person says our name.

This might be kind of harsh, but when you think about it, how many people know the name of their great great great great grandfather or grandmother? How many people can even find out? How many humans have gone and passed without ever being known past their own generation? If they aren’t known today, does that mean that their purpose wasn’t grand enough?

What purpose does someone serve? What is the value of a human life? Organ traffickers want to put a specific price tag on different body parts. Slavery does the same thing.

We put a price on everything. One of my favorite musicians once said “A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your dreams. A price on an idea we never can agree.” (A crisp high five for those who figure it out)

I say we end it. I say enough of us gather billions, trillions of dollars, and create systems to help every single human being become self-sufficient. End our pollution problems. Have sustainably grown and healthy foods to eat. End the wars and bombs, stop destroying our only home, Earth. Travel space. Have commerce if necessary, but realize that we all have the same hardwiring, the same DNA, the same wants and needs, from a biological to a spiritual level.

Winston Churchill once said, “If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce.”

We have the capability right now to bring every soldier home to their family. We have to choose to end starvation, end homelessness, end the internal pain and suffering that people go through that causes them to harm themselves through drugs, and other toxic behaviors, or harm others. We, every single person has the ability to make things like this stop.

We only grew up knowing what war was as children because we were taught it has always been there. What if we show the next generations that war hasn’t happened since 2018 because people got their heads out their butts, realized that we all have a connection with God, and we all are one consciousness and that this is our only home. For now.

We all want to love and be loved.

This is a challenge for you. Every single day that goes by that we don’t do something to better ourselves, more people die. Fewer people reach their potential. It is this simple.

What are we really capable of? At one point traveling in space was a joke. Flying was a dream. A computer was unheard of.

Sure, we have come a long way from witch hunts, crucifixions and things of that nature. But we still have bombs. Guns solely for the purpose of ending others lives. We are better than this. All of us want love. No child dreams of killing another person. The only reason children play war is that that is what they are told goes on. STOP GIVING IT ATTENTION.

Stop making your dominate emotion fear. Stop letting fear of what the other guy is doing rule your life.

There is no reason why we cannot all have the food, water, shelter, clothing, and opportunity to access any kind of education that we choose. The key point there being the education we choose.

Public education is not education, but a manipulative form of hypnosis. This hypnosis spreads out through the media, and those who wish to control you have convinced you that you what is the current reality is how life is. In all aspects. The key here is that they don’t have to do anything now. The show runs itself, true passive assets, as people reproduce and they are born into a system that tells them exactly how to live their life.

So how do we get out of it?

We all desire to feel important.

Whatever dream you think is “too big” or “impossible” for you need to become your new normal. I have come to a point with statements like this of great questioning. Law of Attraction videos and people in the community talk about the higher self that we are knowing exactly what we want, and us being one with our higher self. I’ve taken this and discovered/decided (you’ll start to question what your decisions are here shortly) that every single thought that we have happens in divine timing.

Feel free to scroll down to the crypto links and get money for free. No harm done!! I would love to help you in any way possible. Just want to make sure there is a good fit for everyone!

There is a reason I am sharing all this, hang with me here. No, I’m not trying to suck you into my team. I’m asking you to change the planet with me.

A common theme with success in this business, and any business, really with anything, is timing. The “preparation” that people do is part of it, but the timing of your decisions where you decided to prepare is what I’m talking about. Whether it is in business, sports, art, science, education, love, it doesn’t matter.

What happens if we are able to time up our thoughts with the world around us? What if they already are?

Anything is possible. Just ask for it.

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I’ve taken the time to make sure that all of these sites pay and are legit. If you find any that are broken or no longer working, feel free to message me and I’ll take it down.

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If you are bothered that you got invited to the group, I apologize. Message me and let me know, and I will be sure to refrain from doing so in the future.

I would love to get to know you and hear your thoughts on this, and build an awesome community! It is time that all people, all humans work together to make the planet a better place.

Eventually, so many people will be working together and have the finances to help each other, that the world will no longer have poverty and war. This is a promise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to changing the planet with you!!


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19) https://storehash.co/Welcome/Partner/51955 similar to coinmagic, mines on autopilot and refers friends.

20) https://minergate.com/a/1ec3476d883f1b53dffb3f8f requires purchase/download to start mining in pools, can refer friends to get up to 65% of the sites profit

21) https://free-litecoin.com/login?referer=207406 just like freebitco.in! lotto and free every hour!

22) http://cointiply.com/r/1ng9K

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Just like freebitco.in! Doge is a fun coin that will gain value over time! Stack up!

This list will expand as the group grows, and as I find more sites. Feel free to send me reputable sites and I will add them so more people can access them!

Many, if not all of these sites will speed up your hashpower or mining speed as you refer more people.

Some of my favorites are the cryptobrowser (just like google chrome, make sure you check out the payout—- having a full team can net up to $31 million/month!!! use this browser when using the internet and it will mine automatically)

coinmagic mines eth pretty fast, and you can use the coins you mine to buy more hashpower, which will in turn speed up even more. You can also kickback your referral profits to the people who use your link, which means they get your bonus. Help the new people out! They will be more likely to continue!

ethonline.io mines fairly slowly with the normal package… if you want to invest to speed it up, you can buy 10 eth (around $1240 as I am writing this–eth is priced at $124 usd) and have it mine .8 eth/day. this means that in less than 13 days you can have made your money back, and earn around $100/day.. big profits here.

freebitco.in is a gambling/faucet site, and you can check this every hour to get a small amount. can win major prizes with this one. (they have given out over 163,000 btc since starting (that is over $588,593,000 as of 1/12/19 where btc is priced at $3611 usd)

These sites pay well!!


Beware of the websites below! They ceased making payoffs and lost credibility.
I have also included other sites that have lists of mining and free crypto sites, but the links are dead or not working. feel free to check them out but be warned that your time may be wasted.


This project was established in July 2017. It allowed mining Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin offering 2-3% daily revenue. Fleex offered a 100 Gh/s registration gift and two-level partnership program. There was no withdrawal and deposit fee, and the opportunity to rent computing power for an unlimited period of time. Unfortunately, the website closed in August 2018.

This project promised 3-7% daily income and welcomed newcomers with a 100 GH/s bonus. It allowed mining for BTC, LTC, DOGE and – surprise – USD! Rapidminers leveraged a level system – the more you pay, the more is your income. The scheme seems to be crystal-clear, however, Rapidminers soon proved to be nothing more but a scam. The website was profitable for less than a month.

It is worth noting that Cryptomonitor has been existing for a comparatively long time – it operated almost 1000 days before being shut. It specialized in BTC mining and accepted BTC and USD. The website also provided an exchange platform, blog and referral programs. Cryptomonitor promised daily income from 0.1 to 2.0%, and it used to be profitable until July 2018.

Being launched in 2015, Micro-BTC offered lifetime 30 GH/s computing power for the newly registered users. It accepted BTC payments and didn’t charge for deposit and withdrawal. The website provided datacenters in Europe and the USA. Since October 2017, it ceased making payments.

The project was launched in March 2018 for mining Bitcoin and provided 3 datacenters in Iceland, Russia, and China. HashPerium offered 135Gh/s bonus and up to 11% daily profit, which is too generous for a trustworthy project. Another sign of a scam is the fact that there was no information about who’s in charge of HashPerium. Crypto experts also claimed it to be just another Ponzi scheme and were right. In fact, the project existed for two weeks only!

Have fun!simple-buddha

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