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Pay attention to how you feel, your body knows you better than you do.Monk-in-the-bushes

Contrary to popular belief, our bodies are smarter than we think. “But Chris, how can my body be smarter than I think if my thoughts come from my body?” Ahh, you learn quickly, your body is figuring out these riddles faster than you think it can as well. What is neat about this, is that our subconscious understands things before our conscious does, and this is then filtered into a single stream of thought that we can understand.

Why do you think our dreams are so bizarre? They are our subconscious without any logic. By definition, our everyday stream of thought needs to be coherent, have a set order, and be able to be easily understood. This may be why many schizophrenia and dementia patients are seen as crazy because neural connections are being translated from their vocal cords that don’t quite make sense.

With that being said, I believe that we were created with logic and intuition for specific reasons. Logic is here to understand, and intuition to guide us. Sometimes, we use our logic to understand what our intuition is telling us. Sometimes, we bypass the logic because our intuition is screaming to ignore it, and do what seems crazy. When we are fully self-actualized, we can move within both domains at will.

Every thought you have, every twitch your body makes, every movement, feeling, every word you speak and action you take is coordinated perfectly. We were created by a magnificent and intelligent being, and we hold a tiny fraction of that power this creator holds. Call it God, call it the universe, call it energy, call it life. Call it whatever you wish, the point is, it moves through all of us. Trust what is happening inside of you, and connect with those around you. Help whenever and wherever you can. It starts with your attitude and ripples outward.

Pay attention to what is going on around you. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Everything you will ever do changes the world. For the past hundred thousand years, human beings have been growing, evolving, fighting, and loving. It would be quite a shame for us to destroy all of that history over the perceived inability to get along.  We all want the same things in life, and I will say this until the day I die: to love, be loved, and have a better place for our children to live and do the same.Cloudy-sunset

Someone cuts you off in traffic? Life is testing your patience. Someone says something mean to you? Rise above the irritation and be kind to them, for they are hurting and need help. My father sent me a video today that was a skit. It said that people are like garbage trucks. Some people’s negative emotions get piled up over the years, and every now and then it spills out. Instead of letting their garbage ruin your day, smile at them, wave, and help if you can. For the full video, click here.

That analogy means that everyone is hurt. Everyone has pain, demons they are hiding, emotional baggage. This is not a problem, but one of the greatest things ever! It means that none of us are left out. No one is the exception. Maybe you have issues with your parents. Maybe you got bullied in school. Maybe your house got washed away, or you were robbed. Maybe you lived a regular life and complained a lot. Whatever it is, it taught you something.

Embrace all of your hardships. Whoever told you that having strength means not showing weakness is wrong. True strength means showing others where you have messed up, failed, and fallen down. True strength is getting up time and time again regardless of who or what beats you down. It all happens to make you a stronger person. She left at the right time, so someone better could come along. Trust in what you cannot control.

Help others whenever possible. If not, help yourself.

There is something you and I can do each and every day to help another person. It might be taking out their garbage. It might be you listening to some of their garbage (not all, for that continues the cycle). It definitely should be you helping them learn how to deal with their garbage properly. This is not so they can never talk about it, but rather help themselves, and have more productive conversations.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This quote has many origins, and it is irrelevant who said it first. What matters is what it means.What matters is what you do with the quote, not who you are quoting. Helping others means being egoless, taking no credit, and doing as much as you can. I do not care if these words are mine. I do not care where my name gets written. What I care about is the message that is being spread.

While it is all nice and dandy to be noble and mighty, we all have an ego. I am Chris. You are whoever you are. We all are connected, We all have a future worth experiencing, and we all can help one another. Teach as many people as you can to fish.

Thoughts on synchronicity.Connect-the-wires

You can google it, and that definition might be more useful. You might like this definition/explanation better. Either way, it is all around us whether you want it to be or not. Coincidences are just a way of saying “We’re all connected.”

It’s like deja vu. Everything happens at the right timing, exactly when it needs to. We barely notice it, and when we do, we call it a coincidence or say “That was weird.” It happens every single second with everything all the time. You happen to be thinking about a lover, dear friend or family member, and at the same time you look up and see a shooting star.

You think of a certain person, and a song that you both shared or reminds you of them comes on. You have a thought about something (such as speeding) and a lyric in that song lines up or connects with it.

Dreams are a big indicator, you dream of something or someone and later that day or week something happens that reminds you of the dream. The more aware and in-tune with yourself, the more you notice it. Synchronicity happens all of the time. People finishing each other’s sentences is a prime example. The stronger the connection you have with someone, the quicker and easier it is to notice.

The more aware you are, the more you can notice. The more you notice, the more trust you have in your instincts, and thus you can predict patterns, see events happen before they do, and make better decisions. This is not a secret. This is available to all. Make the most of it, and feel free to leave questions or comments if you would like to share your experiences!

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