What am I?

The human body, the creature that is aware of itself. Body consciousness, being aware of ones body, entails much more than just dieting and exercise.

The I that we all have in common is unique to us because of two factors, our personalities and our physical flesh and bone. We normally like to say that the consciousness is inside of the body, and that it interacts with separate, other bodies (people), which also are a body containing a consciousness. If it is possible to consider other perspectives of the human species, does that not mean that they are as possible as those already agreed on views? Because it can exist as an idea in one mind, it can be true?

The human body consists of multiple systems that perform functions perpetually. As this website progresses each system will go more in depth which each part. Here are the basics:

Cardiovascular/Circulatory system
Digestive/Excretory system
Endocrine system
Exocrine/Integumentary system
Immune/Lymphatic system
Skeletal/Muscular system
Nervous system
Endocannabinoid system
Renal/Urinary system
Reproductive System
Respiratory SystemHuman body map of circuits

But what happens when these systems work against each other? What happens when the mind that embodies these systems criticize and judge the every day processes that these systems carry out? We seem to be so quick to judge our appearance harshly due to acne or a “bad hair day” or any other number of reasons. But how often do we thank our bodies for doing what they do, day in and day out? How often do we appreciate the mere fact that we are breathing, that we are able to read these words and move our fingers to navigate the internet? The human body is a marvelous machine, a super computer capable of holding over 1 trillion gigabytes, roughly (Fire Up Your Writing Brain). We have created computers that are nowhere near capable of housing that much memory, and yet our bodies can do it already. Whether you are aware of your heart beating or not, aware of your breathing or not, your body does it for you automatically.

Instead of judging ourselves for things all humans do, instead of working against ourselves, why not work with ourselves? Why not trust that what is happening inside of us is exactly what is supposed to happen?

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