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Teavana Tumbler and Tea Review Teavana_NYSE_2011_Shankbone

Product: Tumbler and various herbal teas
Price: Tumbler- $29.95 Teas $5.00-$15.00
Where to Buy:  Tumbler, Tea
Sizes: 12 oz tumbler, 2 ounces of tea
My Rating:9/10

Teavana Review

Tea has been grown all over the world for thousands of years, dating as far back as the 3rd century AD in China. It has been used as a medicinal tool, recreational drink, and huge source of money for many, many countries over the years. Tea originally comes from the plant Camellia sinensis and consists of cured leaves brewed over hot or boiling water. Different teas are made depending on how the tea is harvested, with oxygen and heat playing a big factor in the process. The longer it is oxidized, the darker the tea. Many other plants have been added to tea drinks over the years, to not only add variety to flavor but also effects.

What’s your preferred drink?

I have never been much of a tea drinker; as a kid, it was mostly milk (fun fact: I was allergic to cows milk my first few years of existence, so my parents bought goats milk. That started to get expensive, and they thought I would be lactose intolerant forever, so they decided to get goats! Around age 4-5 I was able to drink cows milk, we still have goats though.) juice, and occasionally water. As I grew, I moved on to lots of pop, and around this time my face started breaking out. Of course, puberty played into this (but would it have been different if I had the diet I do now?) I had coffee sometimes with my grandma as long as it was loaded up with lots of creamer and sugar. All the stuff that’s good for ya, right?

When the tea is harvested, it immediately starts to wilt, and the oxidation reaction triggers the plant’s enzymes to darken the leaves. If heat is added during this process, the enzyme stops, and the leaves from changing colors. The four most popular kinds of tea are white, green, oolong, and black. All countries have different combinations of herbs with their tea. Those native to India with masala chai tea use lemon, cumin, salt, and sugar. The Chinese using jasmine oil, honey, mint, agave nectar. Those of Mongolia, Nepal, and Tibet add butter for needed calories. The pouring of tea from different heights to create air bubbles has been considered an art form in many countries. Over the years, tea has been steeped in earthenware such as clay, while served from porcelain, which retains the heat better.

Teavana has a state of the art infuser bottle, which keeps your tea at the desired temperature.

The 12-ounce tumbler has 5 pieces, being the bottle, strainer, strainer lid, pop-up sealing lid, and a top. Loose tea is placed in the strainer, the lid placed on that, and then this is dropped into the bottle, which locks in place. Then your hot or cold water is poured through the strainer lid, which sometimes takes a minute to fill fully. The tea floats to the top of the lid as you fill it, and water comes up above the strainer lid before it is full. either pull the strainer out an inch with the handle or simply wait for it to go back down to resume filling. I fill mine so that the water is just barely over the strainer lid. Then screw on the pop-up lid, which seals it. Pop the center button down to begin drinking. When you are ready for travel, pop the button up, and screw on the top. The top will not screw on unless the button is up (meaning the bottle is closed) so there is no chance of spilling.

The inside of the bottle is double walled vacuum sealed stainless steel. The outside of the bottle is usually a rubber material, for easy gripping as well as not letting the temperature of the tea get to your hands. Stainless steel means your drink is staying exactly the temperature you want for up to 6 hours. Just like the hydroflask, vacuum sealed stainless steel seems to be the way to go. These products really hold true to their word. Cleaning the  Teavana Tumbler is a breeze, and I make sure to always do it right after or later in the day that I use it. No soap (I learned that the hard way, soap flavor stays on the bottle for a long time) just a brush to keep tea gunk from building up, and to get the little bits from the micropores in the strainer. Takes less than 5 minutes, and is followed by an air dry.

My honest testimony as well as the pros and cons of a portable tea tumbler.Teavana-tumbler

I have never been a tea drinker, especially that of actual tea. I started drinking sweet tea from a bottle or fast food places a couple years ago but was still in the stage of consuming mostly processed goods. As I saw the Teavana store in the mall a little over a year ago, I decided to give it a try. I have been slowly but surely transforming my diet and routine to that of a healthier state. At this point in life, I was very tired and groggy in the mornings for several hours but refused to drink coffee due to the scattered brain and headache. Teavana has many selections of tea, each of them being a different blend of herbs along with the tea. Each tea shows some of the effects that the herbs have, along with the caffeine content.

I first chose Mango Black tea for my morning drink, and a tea called  Tranquil Dream for an evening relaxation drink. Mango black has a moderate caffeine level, and I can honestly say that I didn’t feel any pep or extra energy. At first, I was disappointed until I realized over the next few days that low levels of natural caffeine aren’t supposed to bombard us with scattered energy but merely take away the groggy. I love it. Most teas come in 2 ounces, which is a lot, even for daily use. I have purchased 4 ounces of the mango black total over the past year, as well as 2 ounces of Strawberry Paraiso tea, which has slightly less caffeine. The tranquil dream did help me get to sleep a little earlier, although I can say that my dreams were pretty much the same. Sleep has improved since using this tea at night. I have tried not to drink all this tea every single day, but more so every few days, or whenever I am feeling extra groggy.

One thing I have learned with tea is to not drink it like any other beverage. In my opinion, sipping has taught me patience and allows me to enjoy the drink during my 45-minute drive to school. I have noticed in the past that I am normally very inclined to inhale my food and just drink my liquids just to get them down, rather than savor them and enjoy the moment. This idea of being present and patient has been ingrained in me from reading books such as Way of the Peaceful Warrior. The taste of tea is acquired, and although they do sell rock sugar, it still takes getting used to. The one con I have found from the design of the bottle is that sometimes little particles of tea slip through the strainer lid, and get in my mouth. This is expected though and can be prevented by drinking slowly.

The pros of this product are in the design, with the suction sealed lid, temperature retaining abilities, easy cleaning, and non-slick bottle. 12 ounces does not seem like a lot for most drinks, but for tea, this is just the right amount. Overall, I have been very satisfied with this purchase, and the company as a whole. Sipping tea has not only added a natural pick me up and relaxer, but also taught me patience in all of my actions, inside and outside of drinking tea. If you have considered adding tea to your day, I highly suggest you pick up a Teavana Tumbler along with a box or two of tea from the links listed from the teas I chose. I heard it takes the Chinese oolong time to brew their tea, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself!Teavana_Nashville

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  1. Hey there,

    I have been having a friend of mine praise the mango black tea and its great benefits as well as the taste but I have started thinking twice about it.

    You have said that you didn’t feel the kick which means I may also not. Or do you think it is something personal? Should I give it a try? Please advise me.

    1. I like the mango black, the caffeine level is moderate, and for me that is more than enough. The “kick” it is lacking is a reference to coffee or sugar, where immediately afterwards there is a huge shift from drowsy to hyperactive. I find that this immediate change is a downside of coffee for me, and the mango black tea allows a gradual energy boost, helping me stay concentrated and not all over the place. 

      I have a very low tolerance to caffeine naturally, and any stimulant for that matter. The littlest bit can get me going, so the moderate mango black does the job of waking me up and keeping me alert and focused. 

      I hope this helped, feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your site. Reading about the different teas, what you enjoy and even the history was a pleasure and peaceful. I like the Teavana store, too, so I have several Teavana tea items myself and enjoy them. Thank you for the review. It is very helpful.

    Will you be reviewing other Teavana items in the future?


    1. I would like to, but I do not own any other Teavana items. As I acquire more, I will be sure to write a review on them.

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