Here you shall find articles that represent anything to do with the current moment. While yes, every article was at one point written in a “current” moment, and are now in the past, these have elements that pertain to actions that can be taken now. Everything we do happens now, every aspect of our bodies and minds. However, depending on your perspective, you may be fully in your mind, ruminating in the past, or fully in your body, exercising towards a near future.

Whatever the case may be, and however you choose to look at the world, we are a constant embodiment of the past present and future, body, mind, and spirit. We are all at once the asker and the answerer. The giver and the receiver. TheYin and the Yang. This being is determined by a shifting state of perspective, which, fortunately, we have the utmost control over.

The late Aldous Huxley once said in his book “The Doors of Perception” that “To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funneled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us to stay alive on the surface of this particular planet. To formulate and express the contents of this reduced awareness, man has invented and endlessly elaborated those symbol-systems and implicit philosophies which we call languages. Every individual is at once the beneficiary and the victim of the linguistic tradition into which he or she has been born — the beneficiary inasmuch as language gives access to the accumulated records of other people’s experience, the victim in so far as it confirms him in the belief that reduced awareness is the only awareness and as it bedevils his sense of reality, so that he is all too apt to take his concepts for data, his words for actual things.”

What on Earth does this mean? why when we ask the meaning of something, we start it with “What on Earth?” My interpretation of this is that in the triad of body, mind, and spirit, there is a balance of everything, and this theme can be found everywhere in nature. In Christianity it can be seen as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, In Buddhism, the Buddha, the Dharma, The Sangha, in American Government as the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. In dimensions, there is the X, Y, and Z axises. There are many more, but the idea is that with any perspective, there is at least 3 angles to every event and occurrence.

This trio is merely a stepping stone, for numbers do not stop at three. As far linguistics are concerned, there are many and yet few words that can describe spirit. All questions that I ask here are not meant to be answered purely by myself, but as something to think about for all of us. Some existential questions may never be answered objectively, and that is quite alright. My suggestion is that you, the reader, take everything I say, anyone says, with a grain of salt (pepper, thyme, whatever your preference) and come to your own conclusions.

The 7 billion plus people on this planet are each unique in our own ways and in the same moment exact replicas of each other. How many different types there are seems to be a mystery, as there are many ways to look at this. At the end of the day, all of us want the same things: to love and be loved, to care for our families, and to make a positive impact with how we serve people. Any desires that do not lead to these core values is a form of fear.

However you live your life, and whoever you surround yourself with (yes, this is also a choice) share something great every day. This does not have to be monumental, extravagant, or enormous. Offering help, giving time, is all that we can do for one another. Best of luck to you.Hazy-field

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  1. Very insightful. I’m a Christian and I believe in the Holy Trinity. I also think that numbers has their significance but the individual responsibility of humans are equally important. It is so true that in every situation, we have a choice and that choice impacts ourselves and those around us. Today is another shot at it. Let’s make the best choices we can.

    1. That is interesting, I agree with your thought process. The individual mindset and choices made are absolutely important in how we interact with each other and our day to day life. 

      Thank you for your comment Jude, have you had a particular time or situation in life where you have seen people  “make decisions” they didn’t realize they were making, not realizing the consequences later?

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