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Confidence comes from within.

Take the leap

We all wish to be confident, and many of us already are. Sometimes, this comes with an ego check. Otherwise, our confidence can come off as foolish and rambunctious. The key to having continual humble faith is gratitude. Showing yourself what you are grateful for, sharing with others what you are thankful for, and sharing with god what you are grateful for is where balance ignites itself into your life.

What if your confidence isn’t where you’re at? What if you still stumble over your words, your face gets red around that person, or you hate when the pressure is on? Fear is a significant component, and it can be conquered by acting on a decision. Here is a secret; you’re going to mess up no matter where you go. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and realize that no matter how your life goes, you have to take poison. We all make mistakes. You get to choose what path these mistakes are made on.

As we make mistakes, we meet others who have made similar mistakes, or even ones we are about to make. Our parents or guardians are great examples to learn from. Not only are they just like you, they know you well, and also have your best interests in mind. There is a balance to listening to their advice as well; be sure to take the advice that is going to get where you want to be in life. There are always more people out there, and I guess that there are at least 10,000 people out there who will love this writing someday, and I will do the same for theirs.  We’re all connected, and that connection brings us confidence.

Confidence most often is interpreted as high energy, constant action, and continual interaction with lots of people. While these are true, also take into account that we all need rest. Taking care of your body through occasional relaxation, milestone rewards, and proper sleep, diet and exercise is also constant action. As our bodies age, our confidence grows as long as we take care of ourselves first.

Doubt comes in many forms.


Make time for yourself

Our minds are potent tools. With great power, comes great responsibility, and from that stems good and evil. These two opposites do not need to be extreme to be useful in our lives. Complacency is a massive killer of success; we get a little bit going well, and we stop working. Procrastination is another, that stems from fear. Take the jump; you will hit the ground hard. If you can breathe, then you are still in the game. Get back up and keep trying. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Make it happen.

Will Smith has a great speech that can be found here, where he talks about worry and fear. We often fear things that are either blown way out of proportion is way off in the future or is exactly what we need to go through. I have always had a fear of confrontation; now I embrace it when it happens, and stand my ground. Writing about weaknesses has also been a fear; now it is something I often do, as others can relate, and it opens us up to our strengths.

As touched upon earlier, the advice you listen to will take you where the people are that gave it to you. We each are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. While you may have several people who love you endlessly and care genuinely, they may not always know what is best for you. Be careful in who you listen to, as parts of your life will end up like theirs. With this said, also know when to keep your mouth shut, your ego in check, and listen to those around you. Listening is one of the hardest skills to learn, as well as one of the most valuable.

As long as we listen well, listen carefully, and explore yourself and your feelings, the road to the life you want is not as difficult as it seems. Check to make sure the “work” you are doing is productive, not just keeping you busy. Use techniques like the Pomodoro effect, an accountability partner, or just being dead honest with yourself. The real trouble comes from doubt in one’s self, a lack of belief.

Belief is the foundation of who you are.

Along with who we associate with, what we spend our time doing is a reflection of who we are. This may seem like a no-brainer(pun intended), but there is often a strong disconnect between people’s minds and bodies, So much so that we fully believe that something that is causing complete destruction in our lives is “beneficial.” I have had this happen with several substances, pornography, food, television, and relationships with people who were not adding value to my life. On the same hand, I was not adding any value to their life either. What we put into our bodies through all of our senses will determine the quality of our belief.

A staple of having a secure belief system is always to be moving towards something. Along with creating and maintaining beneficial habits, and eliminating negative ones, what your goals are will directly correlate to how strong your belief is, and vice versa. The more significant your goal, the more likely you are to believe in yourself and live the life you wish to have. Challenge yourself, dream bigger than you think you can achieve. “Even if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

It’s springtime, do you know what that means? Plant your seeds, for you will bear the fruits later of what you do now. The difference in this metaphor between the garden and our actions is that you are planting seeds year round. Every single thing you think, do and will have consequences down the road. Be mindful of what you do and say, for when we get older, habits get harder to change. Be firm in your beliefs, just make sure they are the right ones. Questioning yourself and knowing where you stand are beautiful qualities to embody.


Trust your intuition

If you’ve ever seen the Polar Express, you know that belief is compelling. In my opinion, it is the most powerful force we will ever know. Whatever you believe to be true, is for you. If the social belief is that guns are evil, most everyone will think that. If the social consciousness says that there is good inside of everyone, that is what will be accurate. We the power, and the choice to make our lives beautiful. Even though the human race has made significant progress, we have come a long way just to blow ourselves up. Let’s make the world a great place for everyone to live.

There may not be equal opportunity, for not everyone needs the opportunity that you or I do. Some people are perfect for law school; others need to be in a mechanics shop. We all have our passions, and many of those things overlap with other great paths. We have a long way to go, but I genuinely believe that we can end the nuclear weapons race, put down our arms so that we may link them as we travel space. We can keep our competition, our diversity, uniqueness, and commerce. This isn’t socialism; this isn’t some hippy bullshit. This is our only planet, our only life. Our grandkids need a place to live that isn’t a wasteland.

What can you do to play your part? Believe in yourself.


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