What is the observer of that which does the observing?

Consciousness. Mind. Intelligence. The Brain. The Ego. Me.

All words we use every day to describe the living part of our bodies. But what does this living thing look like? Feel like? What gives something so intangible such meaning? Is this invisible part of each of us, of the creatures around us and the wind that blows between our fingers something that we can touch, see, or feel?

Play with this idea for a moment: Perhaps you knew when exactly you were going to die, and doctors or just someone near you weighed your body 5 minutes before you passed. The number on the scale reads 170lbs (or whatever the number may be). After you pass, after the heart monitor flat lines and the last breath leaves your lungs. Now that you have passed, your body is weighed again. It is no surprise that you, your body, still weighs 170lbs. Of course, as time goes on your body deteriorates and the particles of your body separate.Human mind

But you are weightless.

With this in mind, (because we perceive the sounds and process them into words, does that mean those 4 words are now in our mind? if they are said in another language, they are not as likely to stick, because we are not familiar with those noises.) we now realize that we are not human beings have a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience. We are not human beings experiencing cutting an orange, or a human experiencing typing on a keyboard or reading a book, but merely a spiritual being experiencing one of the many things that humans may experience. What does all of this mean?

Alan Watts once said that “the word water is not what gets you wet.”

This is understood to mean that all we do by defining, labeling, and categorizing experiences is merely create a reference point, in which one may choose to say “I’ll go check that out.” or “That isn’t for me.” But the actual experience itself, being wet, is something, that regardless of what you call it, what the name is for it, has a uniqueness that cannot ever be defined, not by measurement, by word or definition. This uniqueness to water getting us wet is due to experience itself. We are aware that we are wet.

How do we know that we are aware? How do we know that we are wet and the water is not us?

Being aware of one’s own awareness is quite an odd feeling, and the cycle of watching what one is watching can be funny at first, but the key is to notice what one is spending now. It only matters to you, if you care that you are wet and the water is not you, and it only matters to you if you say it does. If it bothers you not at all that water is you, not you being wet, then what are you doing think about it in such detail? 🙂


Focus on here and now, the current moment is of the highest concern. Anything outside of here and now only affects you if you allow it to, and it is this notion if being immensely present, that is the fundamental meaning behind any and all teachings.



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