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Master Your Mind Meditation Course Review-Change your thoughts and change your life.

Product: “Master Your Mind Meditation Course
Place to
Features: 35 inspiring lessons in pdf format and guided audio to develop a meditation routine.
My Rating: 10/10

Master Your Mind Meditation Course Review

Every single day, billions of people all over the globe are in constant motion for more of the day than they are not. The human body is a marvelous machine, analyzing, interpreting, and interacting with millions of sensory stimuli at all hours. We know from history and thousands of years of practice, as well as thousands of scientific studies indicating that meditation is beneficial for the human body. As with incorporating any habit, consistency and patience is sometimes difficult. We often demotivate ourselves to overcome even the slightest of challenges, one common one being the repetition of positive habits. Many Meditation courses can be overwhelming and present too much information at once, or go out of order in terms of explanations and requirements. This course is simple to navigate, and no particular beliefs are necessary.

Meditation is much simpler than many people make it to be.

Our minds are the most valuable tool at our disposal. Not only does it contain every single problem that we have identified in our life, but also all of the solutions to those problems. Meditation is simply working with (and not against) our mind, and learning how to use it productively and efficiently. I personally have been meditating daily for a little over a year now, and stumbled upon the Master Your Mind Meditation Course somewhat recently. I have read many books and listened to many speakers and self proclaimed “gurus” on different forms and ways to meditate, and this course by Giovanni Dienstmann is by far the most helpful and informative course by far. Although meditation is already a part of my daily routine, had I not learned the way I did, this course aligns with a lot of the techniques I was taught.

Why should I meditate?

There are literally thousands of reasons why this simple daily act is crucial to our health. Just as our bodies spend so much time expending energy and moving around, we also need time of stillness and rest. Meditation is like recharging your body (getting many of the benefits of sleeping while consciously awake) and watching it happen. Meditation can help you improve on your self-awareness, as well as become more creative and maximize your potential. It can help grow your focus and attention span, improve your posture, and turn of the sometimes overwhelming flow of thoughts. Meditation is teaching yourself how to come to accept change and things you cannot control, and will be the biggest factor in developing your spirituality. Being able to let go of all of the incessant thinking and harmonizing your emotions will lead to a peaceful perspective as you grow through life.

Other courses scatter their information or leave too many unanswered questions.

Meditation, like any other positive habit, can only really start to benefit our body once we make it part of our daily routine. Many other methods do not bother to incorporate scientific and psychological understanding, nor cultural uses. They also tend to present information all at once, and start beginners farther ahead than one should start, which turns newcomers away. If they happen to start you where you should, they usually leave you there at the basics, and leave you dependent on the guided meditation, without teaching you how to eventually teach and rely only on yourself. Meditation starts with you, and each time you go into it, you emerge a more enlightened and peaceful human being.

Giovanni’s meditation course will help you teach yourself how to change your mind into its simplest form.

This 5 week course is the easiest and most beneficial long-term choice in learning meditation, and  it is also backed by his 7,000+ hour practice. There are over 60 worldly incorporated techniques, and he has helped over 20,000 people with his course. With the purchase of this course, you are given all of the lessons in pdf form for life, as well as the recorded audio. Each lesson comes with an inspiring quote, (“While meditating we are simply seeing what the mind has been doing all along.”– Allan Lokos, Day 11) along with additional readings, links to the FAQ, myths of meditation debunked, as well as what the benefit derived from each lesson is. Each week covers a different topic, and time spent meditating gradually increases. The weekly topics are as follows: counting breaths, breathing sensations, mantra, chakra, and loving kindness. This course is designed to help those new to meditation turn it into a lifestyle habit.

Learning to meditate has been the standard life investment for the long term for millennium.

We are all told to save our money and prepare for the future, making long term investments knowing that they will benefit us later in life. Meditation is like a currency generator for your body energy. A quick meditation break is as simple as sitting or laying still and being aware and in control of your breathing. It is literally the simplest aspect of life that is both voluntary and involuntary. Giovanni promises a money back guarantee, a supporting community behind it, free private forum where you can ask him any questions, the pdf and audio format, as well as free updates for life. It is a one time purchase, that I guarantee will change your life and your attitude. Meditation is not the most positive lifestyle choice one can have, but also is extremely simple and native to the human experience. Bringing every moment of life into a meditative state or perspective has been my goal, and I highly recommend you venture to Giovanni Dienstmann on and try out his Master Your Mind Meditation Course. The name really does say it all.


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  1. So glad you reviewed this meditation program.
    I presently meditate 10 minutes a day and don’t really have a program I’m following. I’ve been using Kamal Ravinkants meditation program. It’s kinda doing me some good, but would like something different.
    When I lived in LA, I had a program where I meditated 20 minutes a day.
    I think the longer time was better.
    I would like a more structured meditation program and will try this. It sounds like a good one to try.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. That’s awesome, glad to hear of your meditation experiences! The longer you can do it, the better it is normally, (physically, mentally, spiritually) as long as you are comfortable. Doing whats best for you is what I personally recommend, I have seen and read of several different techniques. I have found that combining a few details from each and creating my own method; everyone is different! 

      Hope it works well for you, I would love to hear how it goes!

  2. I am such a big proponent of meditation and I wish more people in the world were as well. The world would surely be a much better place if people learned to slow down the incessant chatter in their minds and get to that quiet place of peace and truth. I recently read that one school was experimenting with substituting detention with meditation. What a great idea. We could use a similar overhaul in our prison system as well.

    1. I totally agree! We are moving very fast and never seem to stop and enjoy life; we are more focused on our own internal dialogue and worries than appreciating the simple things around us moment to moment. What school was that? I read about that in England, where elementary schools are having “mindfulness” time before recess.

      This in our prison systems would result in a very large change. Unlike trying to force a certain religion or set of values on inmates, simple awareness or meditative practices could greatly change their perspective.

      Thank you for your insight!

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