You are who you think you are, invest in yourself.Shadow-tree

Every single thought that runs through your mind is something that you have heard or seen before, or is it? Naturally, we think in language, meaning that we are taught through the experience of others and experience of our own. These experiences are described as a language, and that language is translated into something that is seen or heard internally. I have no idea what someone who is deaf and blind thinks about, or how that works for them. I am curious about that though.

Consequently, every thought we have will be vocalized, internalized, or turned into a physical, nonverbal action.The more complex and diverse our language is, the better we will be able to understand what is going on inside of us. The better we understand, the easier it is to articulate our thoughts and feelings and move forward. One day, this shall be a choice.

All of our thoughts carry with them a magnetic charge, which can be seen as energy fields, or in eastern terms, chakras. There are several different ways to interpret this, for a specific understanding, click here. It is important that we understand how much power is behind this; everything we think, feel, and do sets in place the current and distant future. Tread carefully.

Your thoughts are your responsibility.

With all of this in mind, our thoughts are like breathing; both a conscious and unconscious choice. We can choose to control what we think, just as we can control our breath. Many of us just allow our minds to run rampant and let our subconscious mind run wild. Just as the whole goal of meditation is to develop focus by training awareness of breath, this crosses over into training our minds.

Be careful what you say to yourself, as the words you speak are the words you believe. There is much, much more to us than what even the most powerful zen master, wise elder, shaman, or spiritual figure can comprehend. No human being will ever touch the core of our spirit, and it is for that exact reason that we can keep going deeper into understanding. Even moments of profound revelation, meditation, or out of body experiences, are just the tip of the iceberg. Everyday consciousness must then be the breeze that touches that iceberg.

As we become more and more aware of what our body is saying, we are not alone. Slowly train yourself to read other people. Listen to what they say, what kind of tone, inflection, and speed with which they speak. Pay attention to their body language, and how they act as they talk. A psychiatrist once taught me to practice externalization, which means to put yourself in someone else’s eyes and watch yourself. This is extremely difficult to do and requires immense focus. Even a moment of doing so results in profound insight regarding how you are acting. If you are reading this, I wish you the best of luck in trying that.

 Language can be a trap into culture, or a ticket to enormous freedom.

The little twists make a big difference. Changing your question from “Why did you do that?” to “What caused you to do that?” may not sound like a big deal. Asking with a Why almost always comes out as an accusation, resulting in your conversation becoming defensive. In the second form, it turns the question from you to the action as being objective. This lifts the defensive tone from the other person, and they are more likely to explain their actions. This is one of the millions of examples of how a slight change in language can make a world of difference.

A potent tool that you will develop on your journey is that your emotions can be expressed in a language. This language may be your native speaking language, or it may be in a language that doesn’t quite have a form to it. This is intuitive, and you feel what to do, and it is then after the flash of insight, that you have words to describe it. Even then, words only can do so much for explaining emotions. This stated, we are doing much more as a species than we ever have before, and the progress we will make in the next hundred years is going to be marvelous. I am very excited for what the future has in store.

On a final note for this opener to the circuit of language, please be very, very careful with what you think and say. I reiterate this because as I am typing it, my mind is only slightly slowed down. We must practice moment to moment at slowing down our thoughts so that we can filter and choose precisely what is going through our minds. This way, our reality is exactly what we want it to be. As I say this, I have messed up for years with this, having a negative attitude and mindset. I still slip into it from time to time when I let negative emotions get the best of me. This is a lifetime of practice.

We all go through this journey, and we all are in the same boat. Do your best, forgive yourself and others daily, and keep moving forward and making progress. The fruits of your labor multiply as you learn how to harvest more while working less yourself. If you wish to develop not only an unstoppable mindset but also a fantastic lifestyle, learn how to duplicate everything that you want to be.Shadow-man-in-the-woods



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