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Hydro Flask water bottle review- Give yourself the energy to conquer the day.Image result for hydroflask

Product: Vacuum Sealed Stainless Steel Hydro Flask
Price:$42.95 (40 oz)
Place to  
Sizes:12-64 0z
My Rating:10 out of 10

Hydro Flask Water Bottle review

Our bodies are more water than everything else, and every single thing on the planet is either comprised of water or was developed with water as a part of the process. It is vital to our health that we have enough water to keep our bodies in harmony.We are marvelous creatures, made of this simple molecule that regulates our temperature, aids in neurotransmitter manufacture, helps deliver oxygen all over the body, and much much more. Although it is possible to have too much water, it is a lot more difficult than not having enough. Water is what fuels our livelihood, what allows us to function from day to day. Since we need plenty of water every day, why not have a container that lasts?  In this review, I am going to show you why Hydro flask is the greatest water container on the market right now.

Water containers are one of the very first pieces of technology, and you are born with a couple yourself.

Your cupped hands and mouth, although small, hold a few swallows of liquid. Nomadic peoples would make water pouches out of animal skins, plant leaves, woven baskets, and clay pots. Now we have plastic, glass, metal and even hydration packs. One time use water bottles that are made of high or low-density polyethylene can leach toxic chemicals if reused too often or exposed to heat. These are still sometimes sent to landfills, despite recycling efforts. While glass is sufficient, stainless steel is an ideal receptacle material. With durable 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, the Hydro Flask is ready to travel anywhere.

No other bottle can bring you water hours later at the same temperature you filled it.

Using double wall vacuum insulated technology, Hydro Flask guarantees that your drink will be precisely the same temperature in the evening as it was that morning when you filled it. Their TempShield patent keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours, and hot beverages up to 6. They also “guarantee no condensation or heat transfer to the outside of the bottle, ever.” The stainless steel also protects against flavor transfer and is a breeze to wash. The powder coating on the outside helps protect against scratches and damage and comes in a myriad of colors.

 With over 180,000 combinations to choose from, there is a unique Hydro Flask experience for everyone.

Sporting 7 sizes, 2 lids, (more on Amazon ) 4 parts and 14 different colors, the Hydro Flask boasts a wide range of customization. The wide mouth lid comes with a straw for easy sipping without slurping noises or fear of spilling. An optional component is a rubber footie to keep it secure on slippery surfaces. My personal Hydro Flask is a 40 ounce Pacific color with the wide mouth lid. Some lids on Amazon even feature loops for hooks and paracord straps. The variety of colors include lava, forest, kiwi, mango, raspberry, plum, cobalt, and much more. There are sizes for any occasion, ranging from 12 all the way up to 64 ounces.

We all know that water is a key ingredient in a healthy body and mind, and a reliable bottle makes staying healthy smooth and simple.

There are many varying opinions how much water we should drink a day, and of course this changes from person to person. Many health authorities recommend the 8×8 rule, or 8 eight ounce glasses a day. Others use the 2/3 rule or drinking 2/3 of your body weight in ounces. So a 180 lb person would need around 119 ounces, but this does not factor in the amount of exercise for said person. The human body can actually survive up to 4 to 6 weeks on water alone. I personally try to drink at least 40 ounces (my bottle) a day, if not 80. We do not realize how much a lot of water is until we actually try to drink our ideal amount. Although sodas, juices, and other drinks are all made with water to some degree, our bodies need water without added ingredients. If you have found this review helpful, I highly recommend you pick up a  stainless steel HydroFlask. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have down below. Have a wonderful day!

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