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We all have at least one thing in common: the need and desire to feel loved.Mountain-reflection-Japan

So why then, if all human beings share this need and desire, is there so much hatred in the world? Is it fair to speak for everyone and say that we all need and wish to be loved? Does hatred and despair even exist, or is it only an illusion? How do we know what love is, both on the giving and receiving end? How do we open up our hearts?

A lot goes into making a human being, and before we say we know all about how it works and what happens, we must ask ourselves, do we really have control over creation? Surely we are able to take preventative measures if we do not wish to create life (a child in this instance), but in reality these things are only 99% effective; if life wishes to be created, it shall happen. The more we try to intervene with the path that we have chosen, the more dissatisfied we become with the results of our actions.

“But I didn’t want this to happen!” is something we have all said to ourselves at one point, and yet we made choices that create our life. We have no choice over who we are born to, where we are born, or even the fact that one moment we do not exist and the next we do. But what we do have control over, where our choice does lie, is how we respond to what we are presented.

As children, we are curious, playful, and joyous with life. Yes, some environments may be more virulent than others, but each experience able to be had is the perfect happening for you to grow into exactly who you need to be. Why then, all of the confusion dealing with the question, “what am I to do with my life?” The most important step, is to love yourself. Love is the answer to all questions, the key to all doors. Finding what to do in life can be challenging at first, but this guide here  may assist you in your searching.

Our attitudes about our memories shape our perception

Think back to a time before the age of 10, a moment of smiles and happiness. It may feel as if it were a dream, a time and place that no longer exists, and almost feels as if it were never real. Almost. Because we are able to have memories, and say that we have memories, they exist. We have created a meaning for a sound, a word, that we are able to remember, even if we are not able to remember certain memories. Weird, right?

Because we are able to remember certain memories and forget others, distort the memory or keep it pure and true to the experience, we are able to remember them just as easy as forgetting them. The bottom line is sheer will. And will power comes from the attitude, love or hate.

With love, the memory of going to the park with parents or siblings for example, despite the scraped knee or the broken arm from falling, can be a positive experience, because of the love shown by other people. That same experience, say alone, or with peers who may not give immediate attention to your injury, may hold anger or sadness for that memory, due to lack of love shown. It is not that hate is its own emotion as is love, and that hate holds as much energy or limitlessness as love does. Hate is empty, hate is fear, hate is anxiety and negativity towards the unknown. Hate is merely the absence of love, just as darkness is the absence of light. Even the vast reaches of space can be lit up, by stars and suns.

The people who spend their time hating, loathing, disgusted at this or that, are the ones who need love the most. Something traumatic, something tiny, some event in their past that they still hold on to, is causing them to allow themselves to be unhappy. Giving love to those who are negative, giving love to those who are unhappy, even if it is ourselves, is like bringing light into the darkness. At one point in time, fire was the only tool man knew to bring light, and when there were no materials to create this beacon of love, the light of the soul shown through. Now we have the intelligence to bring lights and electricity all across the globe, to light up thousands upon thousands of miles of land that once was bathed in darkness, and yet we have difficulty allowing the love inside of us to shine through.

We all have access to that which can bring us happiness

The only thing separating yourself, the reader, and Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, and any other “saint” or “savior” is that they realize the power of the spirit within them. Every single person can access the love and kindness that they possessed, or in a better term, allowed to flow through them to spread to the world. No judgment, no worry or anxiety, fear or layers of defense, just love, acceptance of what is happening now, and an awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

So because things like hate and anger, frustration and guilt exist (technically because we say they do), how do we respond to these attachments? Let us use the example of a bully.

  • Listen to everything that is happening, all sides, stories, and perspectives. Get a full grasp on what is going on.
  • Realize that this person is hurting someone, themselves, because they have once been hurt.
  • Remember Cause and effect. Every action has a consequence, good or bad. Life hangs in the balance of Karma.
  • Forgive this person, for they are only acting in the way the universe is guiding them.
  • Ask yourself, a mentor, peers, and the (bully) person how you can help them, or if there is some way you may make them feel better.
  • Accept their response, but only act upon those which will benefit everyone, your action will create positive karma for all, not continue to add on to the negative karma. (Name calling, pointing fingers, ridicule all creates negative karma.)
  • Keep breathing.
  • Trust that the situation in which you are being presented is for all involved to learn and grow.
  • Be patient and let life work out how it will.

There comes a breaking point for each individual, one where they must choose which side they want to spend their unknown number of days dwelling. If we do not know what tomorrow will bring, why not go into it prepared but hopeful, calm yet confident?  What good does worry do you, when all that can ever happen is right now? Worrying about being worried is even more detrimental than whatever the situation is that you may be worrying about, so what will worrying do for you?

If you are aware of the constants of life-love, breathing, and the ability of awareness itself, (Being aware of awareness?) you will realize that the fruits of your labor are in your hands as you speak, as you read this. We have the ability to communicate the notion that we are all of one spirit, one consciousness, one species and one planet, what else could be more perfect? We are synchronized with one another, with our environment and with our souls, and each breath is one more step closer to that realization. Jade Dragon Mountain China

In order to evolve, we must love one another, and ourselves.

Feel free to leave a comment, and ask questions about anything! Feedback is always appreciated, and I would love to know what people think!

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  1. I liked the part where you said Worrying about being worried is is even more detrimental. That is so true but sometimes it’s kind of difficult to get rid of it. Your post is very positive and full of hope in a world where sometimes it seems that hope is gone. Kindness and patience, being polite and positive i think they are skills we can train ourselves and become better. We all have the ability but we don’t really “practice”. What do you think?

    1. You are exactly right, it is difficult. I think you hit the point with “can train”. We do have the ability, but it is a constant choice. “Am I learning something new right now, or am I setting an example for those around me?” We are setting an example for ourselves every moment by telling ourselves “what is okay” and for others by showing “who we are”. Do those two statements make sense?

  2. I like your article, it explains a clear path into happiness through love and forgiveness. I especially agree that the world needs more kindness and patience.

    My myself practice ayurveda and in order to achieve peace of mind practice the technique called sattvic mind.

    1. That’s wonderful, thank you for the feedback! Could you say more about your practice; what you do physically, where it sits in your mind, how/what it helps (if help is the right word there) ?

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