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Everything you have been told about evolution could be wrong, but how would you know?Chicago-skyline-from-Rush-University-Medical-Center

As soon as I found the title for this article, I felt something shift inside of me. Saying that I have the knowledge to help you make a change in your life is a pretty big statement, and yet this information is something we have known all along. One of the biggest things we are taught in school is Darwins Theory of Evolution. That a combination of random gene mutations as well as natural selection through adaptation to our environment decides what traits are passed on. I would say this 50% true-the the latter absolutely, and the former is a half-assed statement, meaning that the words “random mutations” is good enough.

So that’s it, huh? Throw the label of random gene mutation on DNA attempting to repair itself, and we accept that this is the final solution? More than 3 years ago, I would have bought it, and I did. I accepted that everything we are taught in school, but the guys in lab coats, is true. If it is published, has the scholarly or government’s approval stamp, it has to be sovereign law, right? What about all of the scientists that are now idolized, even though when they came up with ideas, they were called foolish? Albert Einstein, Gregor Mendel, Alfred Wegener, Ignaz Semmelweis? All of these famous people had their ideas rejected when they were proposed, and now we hold them to be “truths”. Do any of us actually know what truth is?

All across the board, people who were rejected or told that they couldn’t make it ended up being the ones who revolutionized the world. But what did they all have in common? they believed in themselves, in what they were doing, and they kept going after every single time they fell on their face. So what does all of this have to do with changing your life and evolving your attitude? The tiniest of moments, whatever you can call, “right now” affects everything in your life. Every movement, every bite, every breath, everything affects how your future and that of others will turn out.

The universe, our life and what we call experience is all connected, otherwise known as synchronicity.

Whatever it is that you are doing, how your posture is, how deep or shallow your breathing, what you are thinking and feeling, the tone of your voice, the clothes you are wearing, all affect one another. How is this so, and how Chris, do you even know this? I could give the smart-ass answer and say “How don’t you know this?” but that would never help, and I would be called a fool. Maybe I still will be, but this is what I believe in, and since discovering it, life has begun to make sense, as if there were finally some answers to my endless questioning. All of the “successful” people in the world will tell you that your life is under your control. Your actions, your response to the circumstances you have been given determine your fate.

What is so wrong with being wrong? Nothing is permanent, and even if your relationship lasts for 50+years (kudos to you Pa and Nana, it’s a lot of work), even if the house you live in has stood for generations, eventually, it falls apart. Not to say that being with someone “forever” cannot happen- quite the contrary. But eventually, we all die, to graduate to the next adventure. Over the course of thousands of years, our time here is but the blink of an eye. My dad always used to tell me when I was upset, that if life is as long as he could hold his hands apart, that our time here living was a fraction of the space between his pinched fingers. In a few hundred years, the buildings we inhabit, the books we read and the technology we use is outdated and more than likely destroyed.

We have a hard time accepting that what was right yesterday might be wrong today. If you read any of the linked articles in the first few paragraphs, some of the most profound discoveries were at first a quack. And in another thousand years, if we haven’t completely destroyed our beautiful planet, the “facts” we have now may be completely different. Our language might be completely changed, and if we are smart, it will be. But is being right, having everything solved really what we want? is the destination the best part, or all of the steps it took to get there?

Failure is the biggest factor in succeeding, and learning from that is how you change your life.

We are all deathly afraid of going back to a place where we have already been, a place that is “less than” where we are now. Many people would be ashamed to drive the minivan after cruising around in a BMW for so long, but why? It was John Lennon who said that “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Why are you letting it slip by? We only get one chance, so what’re you doing pal? Why are you worrying about all of the things you don’t have, worrying about what might happen? Being grateful for all of the things that have happened-yes, even the bad ones- is the first step in crafting the life you dream of.500-pods-of-positivity

Most of my science teachers in school all taught me that evolution does not occur from generation to generation but over time. That the term “evolution” is only for the monumental changes that happen to our species over hundreds and thousands of years. But why though, do we decide that what is happening in this very moment isn’t just as monumental? Do you realize, that today might be the very last day of your life? If you knew that, would you do what you are about to do, would you have done what you did today? What if you spent your last day, or someone else’s last day, pissed off, worried, scared, upset? Then those around you would be left with the memory that you were pissed off and scared of change. If someone else died and you were angry at them, didn’t make the time to have a proper goodbye and say “I love you”, you would spend the rest of your days angry and upset, thus perpetuating the cycle. Solution? Be thankful for all that you have.

Why can’t we use the term evolution for our everyday life? Saying that “I have evolved from the person I was 5 years ago” sounds not only truthful but accurate. Becoming aware of every microdecision I make has helped me rewire my brain, and appreciate the simple fact that I am alive. I have a place to sleep, a family that loves and care about me, as well as a life full of hard-working people who have built and created the things we all share and use today. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

Every single one of us is born with a different set of circumstances. Some of us have a shelter, food, running water, clothes, a bed, and even a television. Others have nothing, or maybe at the very least a family member or two. Why do we envy others for what we don’t have, instead of being grateful for what we do? I made a friend named Lee a little over a year ago, and this man has been traveling across the country in a wagon pulled by three horses for over 10 years.He taught me that living simply and being humble is vital to being happy. Yes, my family and teachers and all other authority figures created a collective lesson of this, but I never really understood until I rode in this man’s wagon, in his house.

There are thousands of motivational videos and people out there trying to help you.

I have learned over my 20 years that there are essentially two types of people when it comes to being happy-those that wait for it to happen, and those that make it happen. If you are in the first group like I was for most of my life, others’ actions dictate your emotions, happiness comes in spurts, followed by deep lows of anger or depression. You float through life, complaining about this and that but never assessing yourself and doing something about it. If you keep this belief long enough, it sticks, and eventually, this is who you are. However, you can change at a moments notice, regardless of your age or past. All it takes is your attention and a conscious choice.

If you are in the second group of people, life happens, and you respond. You consciously decide how you are going to react to what is happening to you, and you make the best of it even when it sucks. Life is hard, and I hate to be brutal, but tough shit. We all have problems, we all have things that we need to improve on. If you are in the second group of people, you cultivate a lifestyle in which happiness becomes an everyday thing. Happiness, like sadness, is a lens of perception. When something happens, such as a birthday or a bad grade on a test, how do you look at it? If the event is naturally positive, be happy and celebrate. If the event is negative, do you pout and cry, or do you ask yourself how you can learn and grow because of it?

Yes, people die, yes, new people are born. If you allow your reactions to these events be dictated by your emotions, life is going to be a roller coaster. Being sad is okay, just as much as being happy. The faster you accept that both of these things happen with or without your input, you will soon realize that your life is under your control. These words are not at all meant to bash on those of you who are going through a tough time right now- I have spent hundreds of days and nights crying profusely. But when did I start to be happy again? Once I wiped my tears off and decided that I wasn’t going to let that thing bother me anymore. It takes practice, hundreds running headfirst into a brick wall. But if you keep working towards the life you want to have, I promise you it will work out. Take the word “love” and look at it backward. What does it start to spell?

It takes time, it takes effort, and the road to success and happiness starts when you evolve your attitude. Mark Twain once said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this belief, these ideas, and the controversial statements I have made. Feel free to leave your comments and questions down below, and create a wonderful day!


Mark Twain Cavern Entrance in Hannibal, Missouri


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