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Who did you want to be when you were 10 years old? Who do you want to be now?

Every single human being shares the experience of childhood. For some, the best days of their lives. For others, it is or seems to be living hell.  For a few of us, it is a finely concocted mixture of both. As we grow up, we form a myriad of opinions, make and break many relationships, and dive down countless paths every second, sometimes to realize that we need to take a step back.

Are you living the life you wanted as a child? Your childhood dreams may regard a single thought or dream that stuck one day, something you fantasized about for years, or maybe it was something you discovered right at the end of childhood (ages 9-11).  At some point in time, every child has aspired to be someone or something. The imagination we all share as children is limitless and uniquely individual to each and every one of us. Our hearts are open, our imaginations as infinite as the horizon in front of us, and our time never seemed to end; there was room for everything. Even if the event or time period is extremely terrifying, Our imaginations run wild, and our emotions latch onto those thoughts, and as a general rule, we repress negative events and the feelings that come with them.

The more traumatic episodes we have as children, the farther we get from our true selves. Most, if not all of these events lead us to be people who are not someone we would like to be. Likewise, the more experiences we have that are positive and uplifting, the more we grow into the person we want to be. The simple key here is that, while there is a distinct positive and negative, good and evil, love and hate, etc. it is built into our souls to want good. To be good. I am a firm believer in the notion that every moment is a choice, not based on the external and things that we can never control,  but on how we react to what we have been given. More on that can be found here. So how does this pertain to being a child, and what does any of this have to do with our born talents?

What we often forget to realize is that there are so many different skills to be had and things to do. We tend to automatically think that our talent must be our source of income. We separate work and fun, turning our talents against us. The universe has placed a creative seed in each and every one of us, and it is a conscious choice moment to moment to be in harmony with creativity, or work actively against it.

As children, we are pure energy. Unless something from the environment turns us sour, we are laughing, happy creatures, like dogs.The thing that sets us apart from every other creature-and ourselves- is our ego. Yes there can be many little physical details that we can say separates us from other creatures, but the bottom line of it all is that we have been given an ego, a tiny fiber that plays an enormous role in our lives.  While we all are a part of the same collective soul of life, each and every one of us are unique and individual. This connectedness gives us the answer to any struggle we may have.

While this ego is who we are, it contains in itself a piece of the negative to balance out the positive of the soul. We ask why this must be, why negative must exist? It balances. If everything were positive, it wouldn’t be anything at all because there would be nothing to contrast with it. All things would give the same tone, for if there were no positive, there would be no negative. As children, we live purely as emotions, having little to no filters on what we do or say. As our environment shapes and molds us, we become what surrounds us. This is how cultures, social status’, ideas, beliefs, and our egos are developed. Each one a little different than the other.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, this connectedness or “synchronicity” is called Brahman, and in Christianity is called the Kingdom. So when Jesus says in Luke 17:21 “nor will people say ‘Here it is’ or ‘There it is’ for the kingdom of god is already among you” he means that what any and all are searching for in life is within us. Inside each and every one of us.

How do I find my talent, and why does it matter?

Well, it does not matter to you, that is completely a choice only designed to matter for you. Your life is completely up to you. Finding your talent is not only beneficial, its uniquely yours, and brings a sense of purpose in the world. Think back to all of the memories and days you had before the age of 10, find what you used to love, and bring that back. Add on to it. Create new ideas and new smiles with the dreams of your childhood. As we grow out of childhood and begin to form opinions, we sometimes drop or shun our talents we are born with. For some, negative relationships with others, whether it be close family or those at school,  can happen at any point during childhood and quicken this process. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who pursue their childhood dreams without ever stopping, thus avoiding the path of avoiding their soul’s journey.

Your talent could be any number of things, usually 2-4, ranging from speaking, analyzing, visualizing, empathizing, building fires, growing food, building homes, singing, painting, Frisbee, running a business, writing, crunching numbers, swimming, driving a race car, martial arts, spelling, working with animals, hitting a baseball. It can literally be anything within the sphere of the human experience. Not only is yours unique to you, but there are also other who are also good at what you are. These people are destined to connect at points in time to evolve whatever that talent may be.

Everything is guided by this spirit that moves through us, and yet we have free will. We have the ability to create any karma we choose, all based on how we act moment to moment. We as a personality are not able to decide what personality and environment we are born into. We as souls decide where everyone should be, which is exactly where you are right now. Whatever you may believe in, or not believe in, there is no denying being human. And because we are all human, we are, in a sense connected. Each and every one of us are given talents, and when all of us choose to do not only what we are good at but also what we love, the evolution of the universe is multiplied enormously.

Meditation and knowing thyself is a huge key to following your heart and instinct. While meditation can be approached in numerous ways, it is advised that you find a teacher or mentor to guide you. Giovanni Dienstmann at has a wonderful 5 week “Master Your Mind Meditation Course” that is very helpful. He walks you through each day step by step, helping you tune in with your inner child, your spirit and soul. His course can be found here, be sure to check it out!

Whenever we act, every single thing we do and say, shapes who we are. And as all children do, we learn from example. So When we are upset that those around us do something, it is directly because they learned it from someone else. As we evolve, we slowly work out the knots in our species. It is crucial that we spend our time adding benefit to the planet, never harm.

Follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and go with your gut. Go back to being a kid again and find the pure enjoyment of anything, the curiosity in all that you experience. Your life is yours. Take it wherever you wish to go.Anything_But_Black

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