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What does personal momentum mean to you?Florida-beaches

The words “personal momentum” have a substantial underlying meaning; much more significant than any of us may ever be able to imagine. Personal momentum is something that few of us ever tap into, let alone sustain for long. When we do get ahold of this wonderful feeling, we usually ride it to the nearest exit that has a few shiny objects. We often fail to realize that we are capable of riding it across the country, across the world. It takes time to build, but slowly you gain more momentum. Take things day by day, and never let the end goal leave your sight.

Starting in the opposite direction as the rest of the crowd means you will be alone at first. It means you will be criticized, ridiculed, and misunderstood. Going it alone is not a bad thing, it means that you have something to say that will eventually have the pack heading in your direction. Whether or not they decide to credit you ( that has no meaning, what matters is helping others), you will have known you did well when no one believes in you. Trust your instincts.

In the beginning, starting something huge seems impossible, and righteously so. You don’t get ripped at the gym after a week of working out once a day for an hour. Likewise, going for three weeks at 3 hours a day, and then quitting after that won’t bring you the results you’re looking for either. It is much more fruitful to exercise every single day for 15 minutes to a half hour all year (personal habit, taking a day or two max break every few weeks). Whatever your goal is, it takes time to build.

Google says the average habit takes 21 days to build. The same search also indicates it takes 3-20 months to get a six pack, and 10,000 hours to be considered a master at something. All this means is that success is measured by you. Why not set your goals as high as possible? Make them attainable, and break them up into micro steps so you can cross them off, and make your subconscious feel accomplished, but aim big!

You may be content where you are for now. Stay there long enough, and life will catch up to you. Before you know it, you will be behind again. Get ahead while you can, and stay ahead. If you are behind and are serious about having a better life (why wouldn’t you? Your family and friends want to see you happy) ask for help. There is no shame, and it will speed up the process much quicker, as long as you work diligently.

People follow ideas that sound promising.Evening-sunset

Your sleep schedule is something you need to maintain, always making sure that you get sufficient rest. As I say this, it is late, and I am going against my word. That said, I have slept in a lot recently, and am riding this surge of energy while I can. When the time comes, I will rest. But if you want to do something that inspires others to follow, get up early, and work later. Skip out on the social life for a bit. Skip out on Netflix and video games; they will always be there. Do what needs to be done first, and it will pay off down the road.

Setting long-term goals is something that not many of us do. Just today, an older business owner told me that while his business is falling behind, he is taking things day by day, as there is “not much he can do.” While I respect this man greatly, I see that he is stubborn in his old habits, and is afraid of the unknown. It is that exact unknown that will lead him to freedom if he chooses. It does not matter how many long-term goals I spell out for him; it is up to him to move in a direction. We can try to help, but people will take it on their own accord.

With that said, I cannot say enough about helping yourself. For years I thought that I could just be kind to everyone and they would like me, even though my self-image was horrible. Now, I solely rely on my own opinion of myself to determine how I feel while keeping in mind and respecting the words of others. There is always room to improve, learn and grow. When you start going down the hill of positive growth, the snowball builds quickly.

Remain humble while always being hungry for more.

A crucially large component to moving forward in life is keeping our ego’s in check. I, as well as everyone else, have had trouble with this from time to time. We get so excited to say “Me!” that we realize the purpose behind our personal growth and momentum: to help others find theirs. This unstoppable attitude that I have been referencing to recently did not magically come about on its own. It starts with listening to people who have the attitude I aspire to have. Then, listening to their advice. Finally, implementing it, and being grateful. Gratitude is most important.

The impressive part about innovating and building momentum is that you won’t be alone forever. People will come into your life who will make the journey more enjoyable, and worthwhile. Along with that, they will pick you up when you are down, as well as hold you to your word. These accountability partners become immediate connections and lifelong friends. I have has met several people recently who not only have a similar story but also are some of the most open and supportive people I have ever met. Make sure you reciprocate the effort they are giving.

Being able to be coached on your journey is a vital part of growing efficiently, as well as accurately. While there are many times where your decision making will come entirely from your own experiences, it is a smart move to listen to those who have walked before you. Their insight will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes, as well as keep you on the right path, your path. These coaches will help keep your ego in check, along with your accountability friends.

One last thought on humility and personal momentum: never be the smartest person in the room. Ask questions, ask right questions, and know when to keep your mouth shut. This is a personal struggle I am overcoming, as I have a habit of talking often. I am working on knowing when to speak, as well as how much. The art of listening is something that will be your greatest ally, regardless of what you do in life. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Craft your life into the passing dreams you have during the day. Live the lifestyle you always thought was just a fantasy. Be kind, be humble, and help others. The money will come along the way. Other’s excitement and smiles are what matter most.old-horse

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