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If you have found this article, you have some way or another asked yourself the question “how do I become successful?” This question is asked hundreds of millions of times by people all over the world and is something many people tell themselves that they will never reach success. These questions and mindsets, or thoughts about what success is, in general, create the need for an understanding of yourself as well as an understanding of what the word means. Let’s begin.

What is success? a quick Google search brings up these definitions-“the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”-“the attainment of popularity or profit.”-“a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.” While success by google standards means to accomplish something that is a goal or desire, it can mean whatever you wish it to mean. It is your life, and your understanding of your life is all that matters to you. From a social standpoint, the word success seems to automatically imply that you have a large amount of money, nice clothes, big house, fancy car, etc. With this image in mind, many people continually feel dissatisfied with life due to this perceived idea of what success is. The first thing to understand about the word success-or any word for that matter- is that it means whatever you wish it to mean. Yes, there are objective words and meanings for everything. But if you happen to find that a word tastes rather sickly as it comes out of your mouth, it is not the word’s fault; your idea of that word is what you do not like. Solution? change your idea or image of what that word means.

The general idea of success is that it is something far off in the future, something to be had, something tangible to hold or to be able to say “There! now I have found success!” Is this how you would like to look at success? Or can success be something that is happening right now, as you read these words? You successfully woke up this morning, you successfully made it to school, work, or what have you, successfully ate breakfast or lunch, successfully got dressed, successfully breathed air into your lungs. You are successful in living every single moment, your body is successfully functioning, senses working, heart beating, neurons traveling at speeds faster than light and sound. Being successful is not only accomplishing goals or obtaining things that are desired but also being thankful and appreciative of all that is already happening in our lives. It is the lack of awareness of what we already have that is a partial cause of feelings of inadequacy or defeat. A habit of being thankful, listing 5,10,100 things that you are thankful for every day can bring you more feelings of happiness and content.

So now that we have become aware of what we already have and become thankful for all of those things, what about the things that we have yet to acquire that we define as success? First, ask yourself the question, “what is it that I desire?” and answer honestly. Answer purely. We may desire chocolate, a partner with this or that particular feature, a new addition to the house, or a new computer. These are all tangible things, but they keep us wanting more. Pure answers are these things simplified, such as love, solace, comfort, peace, content, happiness. Once again, these things are not something that is off in the future to be had eventually, they are available to you right here, right now. This video here may help you figure out what it is that you truly desire.

While success can be something tangible, such as a new car or a promotion, real success is only and always defined by what you make it to be. Society will throw images of smiling people with flashy material items any chance it can, but it is up to you to choose whether or not chasing these things is worth your time, let alone counting these things as success for you. Be thankful for what you already have, be aware of what it is that you truly desire, and create a mindset that you are comfortable with and can agree with.

If you are constantly wanting more, thinking that what you have is not enough, you will continue to be in the cycle of unhappiness, anxiety, and restlessness. Life, God, the universe, whatever you wish to call it, has not given you life to suffer eternally. Anything you want, anything you desire, can be yours. Success is exactly what you make it. Ernest Holmes once said that “life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it”.
After reading this, you may want to be very careful as to what you allow yourself to think. Your attitude is your life, your attitude is who you are.Water-droplet

Famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said this marvelously true statement:
“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Do not worry, remember to breathe deeply and slowly, and allow yourself to be at ease with your current life situation. You can change your whole life at any moment, it only takes patience, being aware of your thoughts and breathing, kindness towards yourself and others, and perseverance. Trust that all you will ever need to be happy and successful is already within you, waiting to be tapped into. Creativity is limitless, and everything you could ever want is already yours. Wake up and smell the breeze, bask in the sunlight of joy and being successful, just the way you are.


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