Dog-on-the-dockOpening your heart is the key to sustaining happiness.

This page contains some of the articles that were a bit more difficult to categorize, or may fall under multiple headers. Our hearts are the centers for which our spirit originates, as our hearts are much more than a blood-pumping muscle. Without our physical hearts, blood would not be able to travel all over our bodies in order to keep us alive. Without our metaphorical hearts, we might as well consider ourselves a fastly multiplying virus on our little blue and green planet.

Hearts are where we connect, where our emotions are “stored”, and what gets broken when people leave us or let us down. Yet, many of us keep listening to it time and time again, determined to be happy with what we want. Our minds and hearts often argue with one another, fighting to be right, fighting to be the main decision maker. Fortunately, we are able to find a balance of both.

Good coaches, mentors, teachers, and parents will tell you that you need heart if you’re going to succeed at anything. This is not to say that parents or coaches who don’t say this are bad, but they may not have the best results (depending on what you define as results) when they give advice or direction to others. It really does depend on how you view life. Results can be seen as long, fruitful relationships, a big bank account, or a house full of stuff. Personally, I’ll take the relationships with trustworthy people over the stuff any day.

Often, we find ourselves choosing from possibilities with our heart that our minds have already scanned over thoroughly. This is often said as “going with your gut”. On the other hand, we may decide immediately, without surveying any options at all, certain that we are correct. When these split-second decisions are true, we are instinctively relying on our intuition. While both the mind and heart (metaphorically speaking, replace “heart” with “emotions” if you wish) are physically represented in the brain, they occupy two totally different sides.

As the theory goes, our logical, structured, analytical, calculating minds are on the left side of our brains, while our emotional, creative, intuitive chaotical hearts are on the right sides of our brains. This is a theory, as research grows, this theory becomes more diverse and expansive. However, for the sake of this page (for now) we will assume that the scientists are right, (be careful with assumptions, please do your own research) and say that our metaphorical hearts are in the right hemisphere of our brains.

This is quite coincidental actually, as the theory further states that the left brain controls the right side of our bodies, and the right brain controls the left side of our brains.This theory gains credibility when people who have suffered from a stroke, brain injury, or paralysis on one half of their body. Damage to the left side usually leaves the person very emotional, while damage to the right side leaves the person “acting like a robot”. Another funny thing to add which you probably know is that our hearts are slightly off center, on the left side of our chest. Pretty cool, right?

I personally have realized through evaluations and self-reflection that my personality/intelligence resides almost exactly in the center of my brain, with it being slightly dominant on the right side. While my ability to communicate and logically analyze situations is fairly decent, I find myself being more creative, as I love free writing like this, drawing and talking about things that I am passionate about, rather than regurgitating word for word what someone else said. Maybe in the near future, education systems will be more flexible in developing people for their interests/talents, rather than requiring the same material for everyone throughout all of our adolescence. More than hope, we have the ability to make this happen.

There are many tests and quizzes you can take both in person and online. As with any links or suggestions made on this blog, please do your own research, and take any results with a grain of salt. While there are many experts in many respective fields, who have years of experience, at the end of the day, we are all human, and even facts themselves were constructed by other humans. Everything is subjective.

This page is the main header for all of the articles that regard instinct, going with your gut, and following your dreams. This can be seen as very similar to spirit, but they are different in that spirit is what creates our hearts, minds, and bodies, and runs evenly through all life. While all of us have heart, each of is unique in what our intuition tells us on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, our education system and society have trained us to think only with our logical brains. We shun and run away from emotions because we only choose to understand things if we can prove them.

I am very grateful that I have been blessed with the ability to see both sides, as well as be constantly aware of what I am thinking and feeling. This is a constantly refining process, and it is my goal to not only help others through emotional difficulties but also help people develop the same learning and self-awareness that I have, if it may help them, and if they so choose. I hope that with all of these words, you find value in them, and you share smiles with those around you.

Life is a lot more enjoyable when we open ourselves to our own hearts.Sycamore-Tree

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