Hey, everyone, I’m Chris, and I have had an avid interest in the way humans behave and interact with one another since I was 4-5 years old. Curiosity has played an enormous part in my life, and it has shaped how my life has evolved.  I have learned a lot from my experiences, and have discovered that the saying “patience is the worlds greatest virtue” albeit frustrating at times, is

The purpose of this site is to help others who may be going or have gone through similar experiences, learn a new perspective or idea, and to share my thoughts with the world.  My blog includes a wide variety of topics, including, diet, exercise, thought processes, perspectives on relationships between family members, spouses and acquaintances, spirituality, meditation, life’s puzzling moments, choices, and much more.

I also ask that if anything I talk about captures your eye, please feel free to get involved with the site. I love talking about anything, seeing new perspectives, and learning about new perspectives! Feedback in any and all form is appreciated!

The content posted on this website is not instructions, a template, or directions; unless one wishes to see them that way. These words are my journey through spirituality and any of the aspects of life that encompass us. All things posted are intended to be my perspective of whatever the topic may be, and sources or others words will be cited as necessary. It is crucial in interaction with everyday life that we all communicate honestly what our intentions are in every moment, with our words, actions, and to ourselves, thoughts.Australia-buddies

As the days grow and the words are written here do with them, all readers/partakers should be aware that this is merely a journey.

We are only here for a finite amount of time, and to share ideas, ways of seeing the world, doing it honestly and respectfully, as well as treating one another kindly, we can make each journey symbiotic and connected.

My story is unique to itself, and yet fundamentally human. I am 20 years old, and the fear of new things and deviation from the plan has been a daily concern for quite a while, and although plans are still a useful tool, I accept unexpected events as a new challenge to overcome.

Changing my diet a couple of years ago has done wonders to my state of mind, and realizing that things that come in packages with ingredient lists don’t always mean healthy. Becoming more aware of my actions moment to moment has also taught me to make careful and positive choices as often as possible.

I’ve built this website in hopes of meeting people progressing in a positive direction, sharing my insight and stories as well as hearing new ones. Healthy lifestyle choices, and for that matter choices in general, are the keys to having a happy life. It starts with you.

Any feedback or questions are much appreciated, I am always posting new ideas and thoughts or things I come across that I am sure you will find interesting.

Thanks for dropping by, Kindness is free, and have a beautiful day!




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