North-Carolina-MountainsThe human experience is something that each of us only gets to experience once. While we are living every day, for many days, we can never go back. What does it mean to be alive?

I’ve got a lot of questions; curiosity is how we move forward. A few questions that have stuck with me over the years are not at all meant to be demeaning, but for deep consideration.
What do you live for?
How do you help others?
Why do you care?

We all come from different backgrounds, different families, living situations, and struggles. The various possibilities of how to live a life are endless. At the end our time, it seems inevitable to look back on our lives, and in a sense count all of our happy moments, as well as our regrets. We realize that all of the things we were worried about, didn’t matter. If we are active and aware of how our minds and bodies work, we do not have to wait until the end of life to come to these realizations.

Regardless of when we come to these realizations, I believe life is about how many smiles we gave out, how many happy moments we shared with other people. I’ve met many people, and connections were much stronger when I’ve shared a story or asked about what they love in life.

Many people my age think that changing the world means making everyone see their point of view, and changing their beliefs. Or, it means changing and influencing millions, or even billions of people. These young explorers doubt their abilities if they do not improve the lives of millions. What they seem to forget is that if one life changes, the whole world is influenced.

We often try to help and change others before we help ourselves. This route of trying to change the world is what most people do, and is not as effective as it seems. We are much more credible and reliable when we know who we are before we offer advice to others. Of course, there is always help to provide, even if we do not have 20+ years of experience in our respective field. The point is that we can influence more people once we have changed ourselves.

I have yet to meet someone being impatient, and yet still being kind in the same moment. This blog is about my journey of self-discovery, as well as the knowledge, lessons, failures, and successes along the way.  I recently created a page with 20+ free cryptocurrency cloudmining sites, where you can generate money on autopilot. Check out “THE MOVEMENT” page for more info!

As the years’ progress and the seasons’ change, so will the nature of this website. It is not a template, or instructions, on how to live, unless you wish to see these words that way. This journey of life is to learn, to love, and to share. Being patient builds kindness, and we are all equally on along for the ride called life. Why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

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